The Shield of Benekander

Mystara, Known World,

Grand Duchy of Karameikos,

Stallanford Village

Klarmont 28, 1005 AC: Eve of the “Day of the Beast”


It is past the sunset of the eve of the Day of the Beast, the beginning of the week of celebrations culminating in the King’s Festival. The traditional ceremony is held in memory of the epic battle of Halav, King of the Traldars and his men, against the humanoid horde, led by the King of the Beastmen. Every year, actors and troubadours faithfully reenact the ancient lines of the Song of King Halav, slayer of the King of the Beastmen and slayed by him, taken up into the Heavens by the Immortals and become a god Himself, forever battling and vanquishing humanoids through His followers. As it was in mortal life, His spouse Petra and their dear friend Zirchev are with the King, forever guarding their people as main Gods of the Traldar Church. At the end of the celebration, troubadours and citizens alike cheer and scream “All hail the Immortal King!”

But this time, the excitement comes well before the end of the week!
A few unusual strangers meet at the “Hungry Hin”‘s Inn: they gathered at the behest of a friend and mentor, seeking for their help.
Adrik Fireforge, Dwarf of the Stronghollow Clan; Marjana, the Druidess of The Moor; Tiberius Axius, Paladin of Tarastia; Dan Petrescu, from the shadier parts of Specularum and Vaeris Holymoon, scout of Wendar: all here for a different facet of the same enigmatic human figure, not even present to their rendezvous. Comparing the individual tales a few things are clear, Rheddrian is probably his name and his power is akin to his mystery.
A simple letter explains that Rheddrian is unable to be at, and the reason of, the meeting: adventurers are used to sudden engagements and impending dooms, but they are still shaken by the message! The entire world is in dire danger, it’s magic or, better, it’s Magic is threatened to disappear and Rheddrian urge them to prepare for the forthcoming battles against the dark forces that undermine the balance of the world.
To seal this new Alliance, he gives them as a gift a disc-shaped mirror, able to transform itself in a big shield, alike the scutum of the Thyatian Legions but polished as a mirror or speculum. In time, the heroes will discover that this shield-mirror, or Specultum, possesses many unheard-of powers …

The adventure begins...


Paladin I° level Dan Petrescu Druid I° level Mage I° Level
Tiberius Axius

Paladin 1°

Chap. I – IV. Dead: POV38; see also POV39

 Dan Petrescu

Rogue 1°

Chap. I –


Druid 1°

Chap. I –

Adrik Fireforge

Wizard 1°

Chap. I –

Renger I° Level Mau Picci gnomeSMALL
 Vaeris Holymoon

Ranger 1°

Chap. I – III, recurring after

Stoik Rhoddendron

Wizard 1°

Chap. I – III, recurring after

Brannart Crowguard

Fighter 1°

Chap. I – IV. Dead: POV38; see also POV39

Glimreen Lodestar

Warlock 3°

Chap. IV –

  The Gamers 🙂

Master Puccio The Players
Master Puccio

The Players: [from left to right] Pera (Adrik), Rampa (Vaeris), Mau (Stoik), Picci (Brannart), Mary (Marjana), Sgracchio (Tiberius) e Pippo (Dan)

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