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If you know us, you saw that we tried to bring Mystara in D&D 5e, with several campaigns (Shield of Benekander and Eyes of Traldars are the only two we write about but there were others), adaptations (B7 and B11 already published, B10 and others someday), new modules (The Tomb) and ideas … But when you want to bring two things (or persons, for that) together, from afar, usually the best idea is that both walk towards one another, so here we try to do the second step!

We want to bring D&D 5e into Mystara, keeping the flavor of the setting and as much as we can of the rules of D&D 5e. Here we will speak about how to use D&D 5e rules to play a “real” Mystaran hin, or to convert the Demihuman Relics or interesting places of Mystara to D&D 5e or to set special rules for a D&D 5e cleric with a Mystaran God and so on.

We want to give you and us ­ before you,actually – we are players first, bloggers second – many rules to play a better Mystara-centered campaign in D&D 5e.

But this is only the start: we are not only interested in Mystara, or D&D 5e or even D&D, as you may have seen or will see in our blog, so this page will contain, in time, rules to play better campaigns of our preferred games.

We hope you enjoy!

EPK Staff

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