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Level one can go bite itself

Writing an adventure for level one Player Characters, now that’s a hard slog. So hard, in fact, that when I strain myself trying to get it right, it feels like my brain snaps in half. Seriously, how is it even possible to create Fight scenes for characters with less hit points than you have fingers on one hand, and still have them survive combat.

MultiQuest: advent. D&D multiverse

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Crash & Burn

To launch my players into the multiple dimensions of the D&D Multiverse, I will need a launch pad. Planet Toril, made famous by Forgotten Realms, will be that launch pad. I chose Forgotten Realms for my Basic D&D campaign, not because it’s my favourite of all the published D&D settings,(it’s not) nor is it a world I wish to explore with my players, (I don’t) I chose it simply because it’s a popular brand name- like Monopoly. […]

MultiQuest: advent. D&D multiverse

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