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Chapter I: 08 An Unexpected Ally

The adventurous story of the little hin is somewhat incredible. That there is bad blood between the Five Shires of the halfling people, bordering on the east to the Grand Duchy of Karameikos, and the Black Eagle Barony, this is common knowledge to most people. But to think that the gentle, plump and friendly little men, very often (and erroneously?) associated […]

Eye of Traldar

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Chapter III: 21. Space Oddity

It’s a few days since our departure from Penhaligon and since I told my friends what I saw in the vision of the mirror-shield. The last. From that moment on, and also because of the events in Baywater, my home town, there was no more opportunity or, perhaps more likely, desire to address those issues. Although it was clear […]

Shield of Benekander

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