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SoB_33b: Glimreen Lodestar: Background & Statistics

NAME: Glimreen Lodestar RACE AND PROFESSION: Gnome (Serrainian Skygnome), Tinker Sage CLASS: Warlock (Pact of the Old One) PERSONALITY TRAITS: I am glad and proud of my ability to easily make friends but ashamed of my physical frailness: it will… (READ MORE)

PG / PNG, Shield of Benekander

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Chapter III: 14. Through the Looking-Glass, and What a Glantrian Found There

“It all started with a blinding flash. Then darkness followed, as if I were really gone blind. How long did it last? Seconds? Hours? Years? Centuries? I cannot say. Gradually vision came back, and I had the impression that I woke up from a long sleep. All, the entire world, seemed dull to me as if through a semi-transparent surface. And only then […]

Shield of Benekander

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EoT_Chapter I: 03 Shadows in the Alley

The Tale of Immeral of the Lake of the Lost Dreams
Dawn is just a few hours away, but some dreadful thoughts do not let me sleep, unlike my travelling companions. We reached Luln in the dead of the night, and after securing the Iron Ring thugs to the City Guard, we found some rooms in a modest tavern run by an old widow: the Crispy Lamb.
Wearing my travel cloak I decided then to […]

Eye of Traldar

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Chapter III: 13. A matter of Details

The observations of the young Traladaran
“Immortals are in the details” is an old Traladaran saying that my poor mother repeated often to me and my brothers, like a mantra, to draw the indispensable strength to carry on and make a living, at least for another day. But she was a woman of faith, unlike me, and she put her confidence in the […]

Shield of Benekander

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EoT_Chapter I: 02 Faith thoughts

The thoughts of a paladin of Petra
May Petra the Guardian[1] protect me and guide my conscientious and faithful paladin steps.
After smashing his skull with my spiked mace, I can still feel pieces of the Iron Bastard’s brain over my face. Petra’s blessing is upon me: I feel unlimited euphoria and inner peace at the same time. My resolute and indissoluble faith was able to […]

Eye of Traldar

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Remember that you will die or the memory of the dead?
CUT OFF: The Gnomish flying city of Serraine, a few weeks after the fall of Glimreen Lodestar
The chubby white bearded gnome, dressed in a multi-colored tunic, was very uneasy: the acrid smell was horrible, even without knowing its source. Useful fella, the druj, at least to kill tome-eater vermin with its unnatural poison, but the smell afterwards […]

Shield of Benekander

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The Mirror Shield of Benekander

A shield, only 9 of them exist ( it can be only be used by people blessed by Benekander) The object is a small metallic disk, cold to the touch, about 5 cm in diameter, perfectly polished with practically mirror-like… (READ MORE)

Magical Items, Shield of Benekander

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