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“The Tomb”, print friendly version:

Finally here the print friendly version of our masterpiece “The Tomb”: you can find it in the Adventures section of our Download area, with many other interesting files!

Kickstarter: Island of Moaning Voices, RPG News

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“The Claws of Madness” module Review

One of the preferred horror books of all time is “At the Mountains of Madness” of Lovecraft and today’s module brings back a bit of Madness too! Not only a psycological and cosmological terror, but something that bites and rips too, in “The Claws of Madness”, by LoreSmyth!

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The Prosperium, a magical material

After something about the Island and its denizens, it is time for magic, deep magic straight from the searing roots of the earth itself. The magical material Prosperium, useful as a metal or a crystal, brings all the power of the elemental blood of the Island to the few privileged ones that can find it and use it!

Kickstarter: Island of Moaning Voices

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“Era: The Consortium – A Universe of Expansions” Kickstarter – 2nd part

Today we will speak of two of the Expansions you can find in the KS “Era: The Consortium – A Universe of Expansions”: if you are already thinking to back them, you will hopefully do it after reading this (a part for my bad English …); if you didn’t think to back them maybe, later, you will! I will do it too.

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You can find the first part of the interreview here and the second here. Last time we completed our discovery of the Amethyst: Quintessence RPG (Amethyst) and we are now ready to speak of Ultramodern5 (U5), a more “futuristic” game… (READ MORE)

RPG News

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