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SoB_Chapter IV: 23. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Stat Rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus – The ancient Rose remains by its name, we possess only naked names [1]
Castle Kelvin, Kelvin
The young Callarii arrived at the gate of the massive castle and paused a moment to consider: Castle Kelvin, at the center of the homonymous city, really was huge and unassailable, with his sixty feet tall and twenty feet thick wall, not to speak of […]

Shield of Benekander

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SoB_Chapter IV: 22. How to Feed Not to Be Fed to your Dragon

A cave in the Dymrak Woods
The birds of the Dymrak Forest, scared by a huge beast, quickly fled from the top of the trees.
The gnome and the hins tumbled down on the cave floor, when the young green dragon landed vertically through the hidden funnel, letting go the net, uncaring for the safety of the “snacks.” Two other dragons were present […]

Shield of Benekander

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