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Chapter I: 08 An Unexpected Ally

The adventurous story of the little hin is somewhat incredible. That there is bad blood between the Five Shires of the halfling people, bordering on the east to the Grand Duchy of Karameikos, and the Black Eagle Barony, this is common knowledge to most people. But to think that the gentle, plump and friendly little men, very often (and erroneously?) associated […]

Eye of Traldar

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SoB_Chapter IV: 22. How to Feed Not to Be Fed to your Dragon

A cave in the Dymrak Woods
The birds of the Dymrak Forest, scared by a huge beast, quickly fled from the top of the trees.
The gnome and the hins tumbled down on the cave floor, when the young green dragon landed vertically through the hidden funnel, letting go the net, uncaring for the safety of the “snacks.” Two other dragons were present […]

Shield of Benekander

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EoT_Chapter I: 07 From the Shadow

The heavy trapdoor opens, turning on rusty hinges with a sharp squeak, then fall with a crash. The noise echoes in the small empty room like a thunder in the clear sky and, for a long instant, my heart stops. I look straight into the eyes of my new comrades that look at me, in astonishment, from the bottom of […]

Eye of Traldar

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EoT_Chapter I: 06 Welcome to Fort Doom

Fort Doom, aka Old Halag, the fortress city facing the gulf bearing its name is the third city for inhabitants in the whole Grand Duchy and, after the capital, it’s the most important port. It’s Karameikos’ door to the West of Known World, someone said! The day is bright, the sky clear. I bet that if only I could […]

Eye of Traldar

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