Eyes Of Traldar

Today we start telling the adventures of another of our D&D groups, beginning to play with an old, and very beautiful adventure module: DDA3 – Eye of Traldar! Will they survive and find the Eye? What will become of them and of Karameikos, after their passage? Discover it with us.KarameikosWestern Karameikos


Grand Duchy of Karameikos.
Thaumont of Year 1,005 BC.
8th Day of the Month.

It’s a mild night in early spring marked by a thin drizzle. Reed Nimblefoot, young hin of the Shires, scion of one of the most important Commercial houses, stationed in Specularum, is on the way back from Luln, to the capital. His escort is encamped with him, along the Western Road, and it is composed by the taciturn Tordek, dwarf of Highforge, by a couple of men of the merchant’s guild and Undir, the mysterious half-elf of Skothar, hired as an interpreter.
In the middle of the night, an emaciated wayfarer reaches the five. A man of curious westerner features, he introduce himself as Francisco de la Coronilla y Azevedo, priest inquisitor of Ixion, Lord of Light and ask if he can join the bivouac for the night.

The adventure begins


Characters and their background


Reed NimblefootREED

Young “hin” from the Five Shires. Half a meter tall and slim. He is the heir of a Merchant House, specialized in fine wine from the Shires, in Specularum, the Karameikan capital city.

Tordek of HighforgeTORDEK

 A rude and wild mountain dwarf. A surly and reserved outcast. A warrior with a mighty fury, he serves as a bodyguard for whoever pays the price. 1.35 meters tall, for 80 kg of weight, fights with a, tall as him, double-axe.

Undir Ukir UzirUNDIR

Atypical half elf, he comes from the far continent of Skothar. He has uncommon intelligence and charm, and works as an interpreter.

Francisco de la Coronilla y Azevedo (born Wormish)FRANCISCO

Pale skinned westerner from Narvaez, in the Savage Baronies, he is a fervid and rigid cleric of Ixion, Lord of Light. He is1.75 m. tall, weighs 60 kg, black eyes and black hair, cut short. His skin is sunburnt and of various tones of red.

Immeral from the Lake of the Lost DreamsIMMERAL

He is a young Gold (High) Elf from the Vyalia clan, living in Karameikos eastern woods, 1.7 meters tall, silver hair and deep blue eyes. Last survivor from the initial expedition to the Black Eagle Barony, he is devoted to the search for the Eye of Traldar, a mission given him by his mentor, the Seer of the Lake of the Lost Dreams.


Young and proud traladaran, of humble descent, she took the road of Justice and Protection for those who have none, following the steps that Petra, the Traldar Goddess Queen, walked centuries before. Dark hair and eyes, skin as white as snow. Azulenia is the typical traladaran beauty.
Some information on the Immortal Petra:
She is known also as Traladara’s Guardian, Patroness of the Defenders, and Protector of the Besieged Cities.
She is an immortal of the Sphere of Time*.
Symbol: a round shield with a round stud in the center (it may seem like a potter’s lathe).
Preferred weapon: heavy mace.
Areas of interest: nationalism, protection, bravery, resistance, virtues, loyalty, war clerics, city under siege, Traldar, Milenians, Traladarans
History: Petra was Krakatos’ Queen and the most powerful and charismatic Khoronus priestess in Traldar territory, when in 1000 BC the gnoll invaded the place. After losing her husband in a gnoll ambush, she joined forces with King Halav, and his support was a determining factor in her endeavor to unite the cities to resist the invasion. With great magnetism and veteran of many battles, soon Petra became the most reliable counsellor for King Halav, together with Zirchev the archmage, becoming in time Halav’s queen and lover. She had to arrange Traldar’s defense during the invasion harsh times, while Halav studied tactics and brought the charges against the gnoll forces. Halav was killed in the Vologa River Battle facing the Gnoll Beast Lord. This battle marked the end of the invasion: Petra celebrated the burial rite, and with Zirchev agreement, brought Halav back to life in secrecy, as an act of pure love. Once the menace was completely destroyed, Petra, Halav and Zirchev took different roads each of them finding his own trail to immortality.

(*) The Immortals are always associated to one of the 5 Spheres of Power. These are: Matter (Earth), Energy (Fire), Time (Water), Thought (Air) and finally Entropy (most evil immortals are associated to this Sphere).


Elarik is a young Traladaran that, as his fellow citizens of Luln, belongs to a refugee family escaped when he was a baby, from the Black Eagle Barony and its tyrant Von Hendriks. He has grown with the idea of the old heroes, wary of all Thyatians and with hate and need of justice for the lord of Fort Doom and his Iron Ring janissaries. During the “Shearing” (see note) he faced a terrible Carrion Crawler and this forced him to take his life in his own hands. He joined then the resistance under Petronius’ command. His commander ordered him to lead the rest of the group in the raid to Fort Doom.

The “Shearing”

The “Shearing Ceremony” or, simply, The Shearing is an old traladaran tradition that constitutes an important part of Karameikos’ national character. It was developed in the village of Marilenev (Specularum) and it was common there and in the nearby territories centuries before Thyatis conquered Traladara. From that time, exchange and communication made this custom common in the whole country. When the Duke and the Thyatian colonist came, they adopted the ceremony and they took it. It works something like this:

In Karameikos when a boy is coming of age, he along with his parents decrees that the time of the “Shearing” has come. Then, during a dinner, which all his relatives and the village elder are invited to attend, the boy wears some travelling clothes. The edge of the mantle is sheared and remains unembroidered to sign his own condition: he is a simple traveler.

Then the boy is considered as a friend and not as a part of the family anymore. He has to build his own road for himself until the family finally declares he is fit to be again a part of it. Usually living for some years away from the clan and taking part in trial and adventures or becoming a merchant, it’s a warrant that the young boy is able to fend for himself; when his parents come to this realization, they summon him to a dinner during which he gets another vest with the family insignia or the clan banner. This means he is again back among them.

All the boys between 14 and 19 are “sheared” (usually the youngster asks his parent, because it is considered embarrassing to wait till the parents ask it themselves). Young girls are not asked by the parents to sustain the challenge, but they may insist to get their ceremony. To be “sheared” and live some years away from the family, is a good way, for a young woman, to be respected by her own clan. When Thyatians came to Karameikos, they saw in this custom a way to part the good ones from the lazy ones in the families and they adopted it. A youngster “sheared” from a noble family does not have any title until his own family ask him to return among them. The “shearing” is a human custom and is not observed by the demihumans of Karameikos.

 Sha Zhi Wu Shi

She is from the proud Rakasta race, of Fast Runner breed, from the Skothar continent. There, at a SHAyoung age, her parents entrusted her to a monastery to be trained as a warrior monk destined to protect an Alphatian mage. Her master, a lord of the Foating Ar, is killed in mysterious whereabouts and Sha has to amend for her failure. This brings her on the trail of a nagpa living in Serraine, the mysterious gnomish flying city. But destiny always has weird twists and the journey aboard the Cloud Clipper that should bring her to Serraine became an odyssey. In fact, the flying thing falls down in the Dymrak Wood where Sha meets with the rest of the party.

Naevia EregdosNAEVIA

She is a wood elf, the last of her clan. Without any roots left to her motherland, the elven homeland of Alfheim, she choose to take a long journey, without a clear destination. Fate brought her to Dymrak Wood where she found the rest of the party.


A young human girl, with hair “kissed by fire!”, probably coming from the Northern Reaches of the Sons of Odin. Quiet and reserved, she carries inside herself the scars of her long incarceration and slavery at the Thyatian mage Zanzer Tem salt mines. Her urge to get a vendetta and redemption brought her to Karameikos and to the border village of Ryania.


Reed Nimblefoot. Tordek of Highforge Undir
Francisco de la Coronilla y Azevedo
(born Wormish)
Immeral from the Lake of the Lost Dreams Azulenia
Elarik Farrel Sha Zhi Wu Shi Naevia Eregdos
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