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“Stop it, if you’re gonna do this you’ll will get the Entire Party Killed.”

“Yes I know, but it will be AWESOME!”

This blog is the dwelling of a group of friends (foremost) and rpg enthusiast.

In 1974, when the first edition of Dungeons and Dragons, was written and published, we had a tool to play in a totally different way, we did not read a story, we were the story. Truth to tell, we have played most of the rpg games in the market, from nearly every genre, starting a campaign or changing parties following the whims of our lives.

What we have yet to stop is to be in the story, and here you will find a sanctuary a refuge where recover to read our stories and to tell your as well.

Beware. We are famished, for the good stories.

And we bite, well most of us!


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