Era: The Empowered: a superhero RPG from Shades of Vengeance

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It’s been a while since we wrote something, but we will speak of that, and of the changes in our blog, in another post.

For now we only wanted to look a bit to an interesting RPG game enjoying a succesful Kickstarter: it is not surprising since it is from the guys of Shades of Vengeance! We spoke before if their Era “brand name”: Era: Survival, Era: the Consortium and other titles.

This new game,  300 page long, took five years of writing and thinking and, if you wonder, it uses lightweight and dynamic d10 system of Era, which gives the possibility to play with a simple and quick but flexible systems. And it also rewards the players who roleplay well their characters with benefits.

Shades of Vengeance took on board, for this endeavor, a long-time comics writer and the results speak for themselves: the quality of the artwork is really remarkable and I imagine even more in the “Era: The Empowered Comic Collection” that you can obtain through certain pledges. This physical collection can reach you all over the world (yes, my compatriots, you can have the collection in Italy too).


There is a real bounty of goods you can obtain from this Kickstarter, I do not want to waste the surprise: check the Kickstarter page and see yourself. To whet your appetite a little bit let’s use Shades of Vengeance’s own words:

“Era: The Empowered offers an opportunity for balanced characters with all types of abilities, from super strength to resurrection! The innovative Power Tree mechanic, designed and integrated into the Era d10 rule set for this game, provides the opportunity to build whatever powers you want.

The game’s timeline follows through 10 years, during which the first telltale signs of Empowered appear, Atlantis’s forces rise from the ocean to attack the surface, the return of the Old Gods and culminates in the formation of the Empowered Department.

Through these events, it’s possible to play any type of superhero game you like, just by choosing where in the timeline the characters exist!”

Also, you can listen to the story, instead of reading it: EraScapes and Ed Jowett are producing short audio stories about the setting and background of Era: the Empowered! You can also see a registered gameplay session and videos explaining how the Power Tree mechanic works and how to create a character.


Our suggestion, as always, is to support these guys if you want an original superhero game!

See you soon





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