Champion of Earth – an amusing card game on Kickstarter

Today we speak of something unusual, after so many role playing games, we noticed a new project of some old friends of us: Shades of Vengeance. Do you remember them? A lot of complex and quite different role playing gaming experiences by the Era “brand name”: Era: Survival, Era: the Consortium and many others! Well, they started a new Kickstarter for a funny and fast-paced card game: Champion of Earth. There is not even the need to wish them success, since the Kickstarter was very quickly funded, but we can with them more success and we will tell you why.

The story is very simple: the Aliens want again to invade the Earth and they bring along to the party a few Undead and Creatures of the night and you have to – good you already guessed it – you have to kill … them … all! The more you kill, the more points you get: it doesn’t matter if they were Alien Cultists, Zombie dogs or Wererabbits, a corpse is a corpse. You can be an Action Hero, a Ninja Girl, a Rogue or a Scientist. Me? I will be a Vampire Slayer, thank you, and I will kill that f#@§ing Giant Eyeball with my razor (Occam’s Razor to be precise) or my Hobby Drone with Assault Rifle!

So what about the equipment I mentioned? How do you kill?

“The equipment defeats monsters through number-matching: anything with an equal or higher value than the monster will destroy it. Some equipment has special abilities, which allow it to look at face-down cards, have a bonus against certain types of enemies, or even wipe all of one type of enemy (Alien, Undead or Creature) off the table!”

So with a brick you can crush a Butterfly (ok ok, it has a Bomb but who cares!) but not a powerful Skeleton Warrior. It makes sense.

And why Champion of Earth? Well, you are one of the few last warriors of the Earth with enough b…ravery to fight the Aliens and the one whoever kills the most of the horde, will gain the title of Champion of Earth! Whether he is alive or dead, in fact, you can win even if you die, as a posthumous Champion of Earth.

I find it funny that you can play with many friends or alone (1-6 players) and that there are several kind of cards. My preferred ones are the “Or” cards, that can damage Monsters OR employ a special ability. For instance a card with a 3 number Or Scout, can be used to kill Monsters up to a power of 3 Or to Scout, that is look into the Monster Cards in the Oncoming Horde. More powerful monsters can be killed by adding more cards and even asking for the help of the other players, in exchange for money, well no, there is no money in this game, only your hard-won corpes. And you have to keep the deals! If you are unable to kill all the monsters you are fighting, you are hit and you turn the Character Card to the Injured side (see the Ninja Girl Unharmed and Injured at the end of the post).

It is very amusing, I think, to have all the monsters attack the current player or steal a kill from him, by using an Interrupt card. Then there are the Stun and Unstable cards too, see it for yourself, you can download a preview of the rules in the Kickstarter page!


A few cards of Champion of Earth!

So our suggestion is to support these guys if you want a refreshing new card game!

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