“The Claws of Madness (a Pathfinder adventure module)” Kickstarter

A while ago we wrote a review for the Kickstarter of “The Claws of Madness” module for D&D5e.

In the preview we wrote: “One of the preferred horror books of all time is “At the Mountains of Madness” of Lovecraft and today’s module brings back a bit of Madness too! Not only a psychological and cosmological terror, but something that bites and rips too, in “The Claws of Madness”, by LoreSmyth!”

If you want to see more please look at our previous post, but the Kickstarter was a success, last year, reaching 170% of the funding goal and it is now a Silver Best Seller book on DriveThruRPG!

Today there is a new Kickstarter to bring this nice adventure on Pathfinder! It is already a big success, almost reaching the double of the funding goal, at around 3 weeks from the end. Please support them if you like Pathfinder and this kind of horror modules!

The description of the authors is quite well written:
“The Claws of Madness is a standalone adventure carefully designed for a group of 1st-level heroes, including new monsters, magic items, and a thrilling story arc. Edited by Michele Carter (co-editor of the 5th Edition Player’s Handbook), this dungeon crawl combines the best elements of classic adventures with fresh new exciting avenues. The story in this book also provides the perfect base for an epic, long-running campaign suitable for higher-level characters, in which the heroes unravel the dark mystery of the mythical Hand of Narkul . . . ” If you want to know what The Hand of Narkul is, please look into the Kickstarter page.

You can have the module as a 40 pages softcover book or as an e-book pdf. I played from abroad for several years so I find very interesting that in the Deluxe version of the e-book, there are also HD digital map files (A3 size) without numbers to use in your Roll20 software!

We suggest that you take a look to the Kickstarter page of these guys and support them, because we think the module is worth it!

See you soon!




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