Miniature RPG Terrain Wood Furniture

A new Kickstarter project we like, from Studio 6d6, a game products producer by artist Andy “Cosmo Joe” Watkins, at its 10th successful Kickstarter. From their description: “Miniature terrain furniture. RPGs Tavern Inn & Dungeons. Laser cut from “Elven” birch. Pre-stained, fully assembled. No need to paint!”

The beauty is indeed in the details, as these guys say! The laser cut pieces are beautifully finished and with a nice level of details, more than enough reason for this Kickstarter to go this well, at more than 10 times the funding goal and with 30 days to spare to the end!

In this picture you can see what to do with this tavern furniture and a typical square grid, to make your rpg games more alive.

There are 4 types of sets and the bigger ones let you cut down the costs. FREE Bonuses come with Featured, Complete, and Master sets to be unlocked along the way.

The small Bonus pieces are have the right size to fit on these small tables and benches: glasses, bottles, spellbooks and so on, with the same level od details! And they are for free.

With a quite small amount of money, you can have a huge variety of pieces, as you can see in the next picture.

We suggest that you look to the rest in the Kickstarter page and that you support these guys!

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