The Tomb becomes Brazilian, a little bit!

Or we should say

“O Túmulo” se torna brasileiro!


We are very happy to see that our work, The Tomb, is appreciated all around the world! In Brazil, there are very active roleplaying communities and we discovered that some of them liked so much our free module that they created an alternate cover for the adventure and gifted it to us! We used it as feature image of this post.



We decided to add their cover (without taking out our own, which is tied to the main events of The Tomb itself) and a few phrases to thank our Brazilian friends! You can find the “The Tomb – Brazilian cover – Printer Friendly” version in our Download area, as usual.

We are especially grateful to Hausman who sent the picture to us and Leandro, the gifted author of the cover.

Thank you very much again, and continue to play and to follow us!

EPK Team




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