Latest but not last update of the Island!

You probably know, by now, that the Island of Moaning Voices went into the big number of Kickstarter projects that failed to reach the initial goal. The final email of KS is almost funny in promising all the help for the future and so on and so on.

The Kickstarter of the Island was a nice adventure, we learned a lot and we met interesting people, backers and companies alike. Our dedicated page in Facebook ( now counts more than 1800 subscribers and many gave us full support and friendship!

La Timeline di Island of Moaning Voices impaginata

We want to reassure you that the Island of Moaning Voices WILL find it’s way to come to life, even if in a slightly different shape, or another channel. Our resolve is stronger than ever, our blog and social accounts will remain active and we will give you news soon!

Today we want to show you what we were working to at the end of the Kickstarter: as you may have guessed, it is a part of the Timeline, with a proper layout and decorated with a beautiful and suggestive picture of our gifted artist Chiara “ShariKia”. The pictures of this post were created by her and she was with us from the start: even earlier in fact, since she is the creator of the beautiful cover of our adventure “The Tomb”, that you find in the Download section. Her enthusiasm, positive attitude and helpfulness gave us a good support
for all the months of preparation of the project and the duration of the KS campaign. We want to thank her and we suggest you to take a look to ShariKia’s Deviantart page.

The beautiful art of ShariKia for the Timeline of the Island

The beautiful art of ShariKia for the Timeline of the Island

In a short time we will publish the news about the future of the Island, in our blog and facebook group ( If you want to stay up to date with our projects, please subscribe to our blog and Facebook group or give your friendship in Facebook to Jon Osterman (, one of us EPK!

In the meantime keep up with the good gaming, happy start of 2017 and see you soon!

EPK Team




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