Quackup: Quack Attack – a Kickstarter by Raymond Mullikin

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Hi all!

We usually speak of pen & paper RPGs, or of useful addons, like tile sets and other addenda to make more real a RPG, but today we want to speak of “Quackup: Quack Attack” Video Game App for Windows & Devices a game for Windows and Android (hoped for: iDevices (iOS/iPad), X-Box, Steam, …) that the creator describe as “a 1-player arcade/adventure game that involves swords, blasters, and other fun power-ups!”


Raymond Mullikin is a cartoonist and credentiated educator and he is probably the teacher all kids would like to have, and most parents too! “He teaches art classes (including Cartooning, Video Game Creation and Claymation) to children. He also creates his own children’s books, comics, computer games and animated films.” He is ‘on the market’ since he was 12, the age they published his first job. You can find a lot more about him, and his comics and games, on his RAYTOONS webpage and you can also buy some of them there.

mullikin2I quite like the graphics, suited for an underage target: sometimes they imitate kids drawings, sometimes they are more complex but they are, nonetheless, very appealing for children. We spoke from time to time of RPGs for children, probably Raymond would fit well in that field.

mullikin4But the graphics are good for adults too in this arcade and friendly family game, with no ADs, no Permissions needed, no data collections from users at all. The main character, invented by Raymond when he was 12, is Jonathin Quackup and he needs to save the world from Aliens with his Quack Attack! Runaway villains and monsters are also in, for the fun. Will you save the world from doom?

mullikin4There are vast side-scrolling levels to play in, with very nice and colored graphics, with traps and various dangers, item collection (treasures, keys and all sort of power-ups like swords, blasters, speed boots) and so on!
You need to fight against many enemies and you can also smash the alien spaceship with a giant boulder! (no, not joking …)

mullikin5So we think you should go and give a hand to Raymond, backing his game and to Raymond we say, good job and take a look to our blog, you may find that some pen & paper game designers for children could have been / be interested in your skills!





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