Timeline of the Island of Moaning Voices

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Today another update of our Kickstarter, we will show you some of the most important events of the story of the Island of Moaning Voices!

A story of magic, of colonizations started and aborted, of mysterious and powerful creatures and pirates. Not all is explained there, off course, but for that you have to wait another update or, maybe, the full book!

Note for the DM: the years refer to the settlement calendar, calculated from the year of foundation of the town of Prosperity on the Island of Moaning Voices, but it can be easily adapted to any calendar you are using in your campaign. The names of places are a suggestion: the Island is a no-man’s land and new places have to be named! It would make sense that the real explorers – the players and maybe other groups – had the honor to name them.

Thousands of years ago … The Firemouth volcano explodes upsetting the Island and the sea for hundreds of miles. The following eruption and the earthquake divert the course of the Blue River that floods the western part of the Lush Plains creating the Swampy Morass. The magma flows create an underground lava river reaching a complex of natural caves, connected to the sea and partly submerged, on the north side of the island. Hence the strong winds that lash the island are channeled, through the caves, far underground. In a place there the four elements magically blend with incredible strength: the rocks, melted by the great heat of the volcano, fall into the waters of an underground lake creating a huge column of steam that reaches the surface in the form of a geyser. The steam mixes with the ocean winds and crashes on the island like a multicolored rain carried by the strong winds, and sometimes it reaches the Swampy Morass. Most of it, however, falls near the geyser, mixing to a fresh-water course, with incredible properties, the Elemental River. The river flows between the tall mountains down to the plains below, creating a wonderful waterfall. At its foot lies the Glistening Lake and the emissary river resumes its journey towards the south to throw itself into the ocean.

All the creatures that live between the Elemental River and the Swampy Morass begin to develop unusual features.

Around -900: The Self-aware Mangrove intelligence awakens and it extends its roots all over or, better, under the Swampy Morass. In the following centuries its roots extend much further away.

Around -298: The Kingdom of Halethia builds Khayr, the first human settlement on the island.

-290: Khayr thrives and grows, reaching a size of nearly 800 settlers, living of the generous resources of the Island. The fertile soil, abundant quarries and generous fishing transform Khayr in a place where many would like to live.

-289: Halethia builds Hizir, the second largest city on the island. Located further inland, it is created to facilitate the exploitation of a rich gold mine.

-287: People living in Hizir cut down large numbers of trees to exploit the lumber for construction and begin to hunt animals to trade their furs.

-285: The Self-aware Mangrove is informed of the ravages of the humans and begins to organize some Island’s creatures to hinder them.

-283: Thanks to the Self-aware Mangrove many hunters of Hizir fall prey to the wild creatures.

-282: At the end of a blooming summer, the Self-aware Mangrove is ready to make its move. It organizes the creatures of the Island and launches an attack on the Khayr colony that is totally caught off guard and not prepared to deal with a threat of this kind and it is quickly overwhelmed and destroyed. The survivors abandon the city by sea, never to return. They speak of an invisible enemy coming from the underground to catch people and drag them screaming in the darkness, of giant Bears that could tear down the wooden palisades and of wolves with a freezing breath.

The inhabitants of Hizir, unable to reach the sea, barricade themselves in the  town for a last man stand.

281: Halethia sends a mission to try to retake Khayr but they find only a pile of rubble, virtually nothing remains of the city. A garrison is sent inland to try to reach Hizir but none of the men sent comes back. The Halethians are convinced that Hizir must have been destroyed, they deem extremely dangerous the Island  and they waive all further attempt at colonization.


Many other events occurred in the almost three centuries till year -1, when Duke Baldovius tasked the ex-commander Aygram, now Baron, to found the colony of Prosperity, but we do not want to spoiler, for now, some of the hidden secrets of the module!

If you want to know the rest you should go to our Kickstarter page and buy the book.

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