The story behind the Island


The story behind the Island is a short tale from the setting of the Island of Moaning Voices Kickstarter. Enjoy and back us if you like it!


Baron Aygram Multis was worried.


He looked upon his “realm” from the top of the guard tower, his home and the only multi-storey stone building in Prosperity Island.

“Prosperity …” – he thought with a sarcastic grin that stretched several scars, true honor badges for a grizzled veteran mercenary – “… a very appropriate name.”

The place was quiet, people were about their business both here in town and in the small faraway communities, the sturdy, fortified and isolated farms and the silver mine. Thin threads of smoke indicated their position … or the start of a fire that destroyed the brave small colon families. They had never found the danger or unknown monster responsible for the slaughters, only ashes, too common a fate on the accursed Island of Moaning Voices!

He remembered how it all began …



“My Lord!”

“Ah, Commander Multis … good …” – the calm, measured voice of Duke Baldovius and the little pauses, masked so shrewd a mind that long ago Aygram had decided never to underestimate the sovereign of Belqualam – “… we have news … from the Archmage.”

“Yes …” – said Aygram cautiously. He had never liked magicians, they didn’t fight with good honest steel, but THAT man had been useful in the past.

“He is experimenting … apparently the small ship model … encased in bands of the arcane alloy … became completely immune …”

“Yes …” – resisting the urge to push his Lord.

“… to fire.”

“… WHAT?”

“Fascinating … both mundane … and magical fires … are staved off by the metal!” – said the Duke, caressing nonchalantly the hilt of his blood red sword.

“I decided to sponsor the recovery of more of this ore and I need a strong man for this mission” – said the Duke, with no pauses this time and looking into his eyes – “and I have to set you free!”


Aygram had been the right-hand man of the Duke for years, he and his mercenaries had fought brigands, enemy soldiers, pirates and even patrols of the Kingdom of Halethia! The Kingdom had been for century the enemy of the mercantile dukedom of Belqualam: it was less powerful on the sea, but a redoubtable force on land and its capital on the coast was strongly fortified and impregnable, because of his hundred Battle Mages!

He was demoted as a soldier but the Duke gave him the title of Baron of Prosperity Island, the former and ominous Island of Moaning Voices, and tasked him with finding a lot more of the magical metal Prosperium. He was astounded by the simplicity and cleverness of the Duke plan and he imagined to lead the assault to Halethia from the bridge of the flagship of a “special” fleet, unscathed in the ensuing Fireball rain …

He grinned, then heaved a sigh.

For now he had to think about the colonization of the Island, a necessary facade but he also had grown fond of the town of Prosperity, in the last years. He needed and wanted to make it a really prosper place.

“Let’s hope the Great Hunt brings in a lot of adventurers, we need to clean a lot of these filthy monsters!”


We wanted to tell you with a story that all is not as it seems, upon the Island of Moaning Voices. Actually almost nothing is as it seems … Not that the characters know about it: they will find a no-man’s land, with plenty of monsters to fight and a frontier town, where to spend their money for booze and questionable amusements. Or they are would-be heroes, ready to stand against any menace for the small town, on the brink of collapse!

In any case, little do they know that Belqualam did decide to colonize Prosperity Island mainly to recover a big quantity of a magical material, for a military campaign.

If they are clever enough they will find more about it; if they are not and they only want to fight, they will have anyway what they want … unless, off course, it ends in an Entire Party Killed! Now you could to our Kickstarter page and back us, if you liked the tale.




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