Island of Moaning Voices Kickstarter goes live today!

After a minor setback, Island of Moaning Voices is there and it’s time to present it a bit more in detail!

The Island is a quite long and detailed adventure module, compatible with Fifth Edition, designed for 4-6 characters from level 1 to 10: you can use novice or mid-level characters of all classes and bring them up to level 10! To do that you have a whole new island to uncover and explore, involved in the history and politics of two Kingdoms and full of adventure, mystery, exploration, struggle for survival but also political intrigue and dark plots that can unfold and develop further in the, already planned, sequels. You can immediately start to play with the pre-generated characters or use your own. If we reach certain stretch goals, we have the sequels already planned to bring the characters up to lvl 20!


It  is a 112 pages sandbox adventure available with rich graphics and original contents, set in an exotic and mysterious island and available as a PDF or a full-color hardcover volume ! In addition,you can have a 24″ x 36″ Full Color Map of the Island (on paper or on durable PVC) and a Full Color Master Screen, with an innovative system of Initiative management and many useful tables.

It’s an old school flavored setting but in line with the simplicity and flexibility of the 5th Edition game with a lot of new monsters (like the redoubtable Troblins), creatures, NPCs, spells and magical items and materials (like the Prosperium).

A part for the fantastic locations, there is a surprising story and many plot twists! Island of Moaning Voices represents the frontier for the inhabitants of the rich seafaring Duchy of Belqualam, an only partially explored frontier, definitely wild and fraught with dangers. Furthermore, there is the recent discovery of a precious arcane metal whose properties are still not completely understood. The metal, called “Prosperium” to bring good luck to the beginning community, makes the Island a strategic center for the economy of the Duchy and its military supremacy over the neighboring Kingdom of Halethia.

Beware, the Duke may call it Prosperity Island today but, for the inhabitants, it is still old Moaning Voices and it “welcomes” people of all kind and powers! If you don’t pay attention to your surroundings you may quickly end with an Entire Party Killed

You find all the details about our Kickstarter here




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