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Hi all!

A quick post today, about a Kickstarter that I found very interesting: I am more a fantasy guy, with not a lot of time to play, so it is rare that I play a sci-fi tabletop RPG, but I would definitely make an exception for Contact – Tactical Alien Defense RPG!


It is a German game, from Uhrwerk Verlag (I know them because of Deadlands, do you?) and it brings back a lot of nice memories, since it has all the flavour of an old videogame franchise, X-COM (or Ufo) of Microprose, then Hasbro and now Firaxis Games (by the way … check the titles of those Firaxis guys, they do an amazing job).

xcom5Actually the first of the series, UFO: Enemy Unknown, was probably my preferred game when I was young(er)! It is not so strange, for me, that IGN ranked it best game of all times, if I remember correctly …


So, why to speak of a tabletop sci-fi RPG? Well because Contact tries to recapture ALL the flavour of the old Microprose episode and, also, of Firaxis recent games (Hasbro’s were a bit … meh).

xcom7Graphics and text presentation of the Kickstarter, remind me fondly of the videogames and it is absolutely convincing as a conversion from PC to tabletop RPG! The vehicles, robots and equipment are, at least in part, a tribute to the old legendary game! I like the rules too, since they are coherent with the setting.

xcom8To use you their own words:


Set in a world that could exist in reality, CONTACT is a full-blown science fiction role-playing game that brings it all to the table: Alien terror, tactical battles, espionage and investigations, advanced research and development, compelling stories; a vivid vision of the future bristling with thrilling perils and dark secrets.

xcom9The World of the Tactical Alien Defense Role-Playing Game

Imagine a future where mankind is in constant conflict with itself and has been subdued into a totalitarian economic landscape that allows a handful of massive multi-national companies to dominate every aspect of human life. One might in fact argue there is already little left to imagination as far as that vision goes.

xcom10But as we speak, there are even more sinister forces at work on planet Earth—and beyond. As of late, our world has become a hotspot for hostile alien visitation. There’s an impressive assortment of curious, cruel, and voracious creatures descending on a world already ravaged by one of the most treacherous and violent species in the Universe: Us!


xcom11I don’t want, nor have the time to spoiler the rules but you have the possibily to download the Quick Start Rules in the Kickstarter homepage!

xcom12Remember! “Contact – Tactical Alien Defense RPG” is fraught in Alien madness, mystery and high-tech in the 21st Century of Planet Earth: A beautiful, all-new UFO defense-themed science fiction RPG

xcom13I suggest you to go there, download the rules and support this KS, if you like it as I do 🙂 But be quick, you have 7 days or so!

See you soon!





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