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Our Island of Moaning Voices Kickstarter is live now. Enjoy and back us if you like it!

Hi all,

this is a very special day for us, it is the first birthday of EPK!

One year ago we started our adventure in WordPress and, after a few months, we switched to the blog you are reading now. In this long, challenging but also amusing year, we presented to you many many things, around 200 posts!

We like to remember:

B7_Rahasia b11the tomb - cover

We are especially proud of some of our successful endeavors:

– Two nice adaptations of old D&D Mystara BECMI modules to D&D 5th Edition: B7 – Rahasia and B11 – King’s Festival.

– An original and very successful module in Italian and English, downloaded by thousands of people, The Tomb, an adventure set in Mystara, for D&D 5th Edition!

– In this year, we had more than 100k visitors and more than 1/4 of a million visited pages, and we hope to have even more in the next ye

We have a very important new project, our own Kickstarter “Island of Moaning Voices”: we published some updates and previews, both in our Facebook group and in the dedicated blog page!

intestazione-02Island of Moaning Voices is an ominous place, it’s name given by fishermen and sailors gone astray and hearing the maddening and tormented voices of the powerful winds of the sea, through the jagged spires of its steep cliffs! It is a mysterious and unexplored place of untold wonders and dangers! The sandbox adventure module, compatible with D&D 5e, is for lvl 1-10 player characters and largely based upon the exploration of an unknown, vast territory with new, exciting rules for the task! Many events of the storyline are influenced by PCs’ decisions and heroic (or vile) actions. The quests and encounters are enriched by countless, detailed, NPCs and a few plot twists. From an almost purely investigation and mystery undertone, you pass to struggle for survival, political intrigue, dark plots, dungeon-crawl, mixed with exploration and seek-before-destroy missions. The DMs can choose the difficulty of the adventure but it up to the PCs to decide which task to tackle, based upon their experience and wisdom! The battle is often not the only way and the unwise easily incur in an EPK (Entire Party Killed!) in Island of Moaning Voices … do not blame us if your bones suddenly become part of it, forever!

We have secured the work of some gifted artists to further enrich our module.

Unfortunately we have sad news for you: our Kickstarter was delayed for unforeseen technical issues but we will definitely go live in a few days! Don’t worry and try to see the good with the bad, we will be with you till Christmas!

Stay tuned and see you soon








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