The Island of Moaning Voices Kickstarter, live in 3 days!

Our Island of Moaning Voices Kickstarter is live now. Enjoy and back us if you like it!

Hi all!

Our Kickstarter is about to start: on Wednesday 23 November, you can land in the seashores of the Island of Moaning Voices! You should already know about it if you follow us, if you don’t, maybe you should take your time to register to our blog so you can access to the Download section, full of adventure modules, maps, other interesting things. Wednesday is also the first anniversary of our blog, a wonderful experience for sure, but we will speak of it in a few days.


A pleasant shelter or a hidden threat?

Before even starting the blog, we had the idea of an adventure for D&D 5e, set in good old Mystara setting, where we play several of our campaigns, and we used it for a very successful roleplaying event in Padua, our city. We revised it thoroughly and expanded it for the blog, and then we translate it in English, but we were struck by the idea to create something more ambitious and professional!

Island of Moaning VoicesD&D 5e is really the good environment to create something new, since Wizards of the Coast gave us not one but two different kinds of publishing opportunities, the Open-Gaming License (OGL) and the Dungeon Masters Guild (DMGuild).

We decided for the right balance of ambition and realism, to give a physical body to our idea!


The central square of Prosperity

We wanted to create a high quality product, a longer, tastier and more detailed adventure than what you may easily find elsewhere (DMGuild, DriveThrue), a campaign-like module to bring characters from level 1 to 10+, to start to play with mid-level characters or even to have hints to play with higher-level characters.


Newcomers to the Island! If only they knew …

The idea was very exciting but we had some issues to overcome: first, we are not English mother tongue speakers; we can manage to write a blog or a facebook page but probably not a much bigger project. Second, many of the adventures we mentioned before are almost completely devoid of high quality maps or original artworks and, while I can draw a map myself and some of us know the most common graphics software, we are not graphic artists ourselves and we wanted a completely different product!  After speaking with professional proofreaders and illustrators, we decided that to have the resources to afford for a mother tongue speaker revision, and beautiful, original art and maps, we had to use the tool of the crowdfunding!


One of the hidden threats of the Island, a fearsome Troblin!

We polished and developed our idea,then we secured the collaboration of a professional graphic design studio and several talented illustrators, either young ones either well known in the gaming industry, like Domenico Neziti (Nezart in Deviantart and other places). We also created dedicated pages in our blog and facebook and then we were ready!

The Island of Moaning Voices will be a 112 pages adventure module, to have as a PDF or as a hardcover book. In addition, you can have a big artistic map of the Island and a beautifully decorated and useful DM screen (no spoiler, wait for the KS, to see more of it)! The Island will contain a captivating story with adventure, danger, two struggling Kingdoms, new rules for the exploration of wilderness with hexagonal maps, new creatures and magic, pre-generated PCs and NPCs and many quests of different undertones to let you experience in depth this fascinating new location.


The Prosperium, a powerful magical material!

The Island of Moaning Voices is an ominous place, it’s name given by fishermen and sailors gone astray and hearing the maddening and tormented voices of the powerful winds of the sea, through the jagged spires of its steep cliffs! It is a mysterious and unexplored place of untold wonders and dangers! The sandbox adventure module, compatible with D&D 5e, is for lvl 1-10 player characters and largely based upon the exploration of an unknown, vast territory with new, exciting rules for the task! Many events of the storyline are influenced by PCs’ decisions and heroic (or vile) actions. The quests and encounters are enriched by countless, detailed, NPCs and a few plot twists. From an almost purely investigation and mystery undertone, you pass to struggle for survival, political intrigue, dark plots, dungeon-crawl, mixed with exploration and seek-before-destroy missions. The DMs can choose the difficulty of the adventure but it up to the PCs to decide which task to tackle, based upon their experience and wisdom! The battle is often not the only way and the unwise easily incur in an EPK (Entire Party Killed!) in Island of Moaning Voices … do not blame us if your bones suddenly become part of it, forever!

You only need to wait a few days for the details and the only thing you really need to do, then, is to back our Kickstarter! 🙂

Troblin p34





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