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Our Island of Moaning Voices Kickstarter is live now. Enjoy and back us if you like it!

Hi all!

We start a new idea today: in the future we will publish updates of past articles still valid today! The occasion is a new Kickstarter about the Open Legend RPG, a successful open-source game that we reviewed not long ago (here the first part of the interreview). We will speak of the Kickstarter and, in the end, you can find the full interreview of the Open Legend RPG!


17/11/2016 UPDATE

Another short update about this wonderful Kickstarter: as I’m writing, there are already 1181 backers and more than 90k$ pledged. A reminder: there are less than 3 days left to back them!

I want to thank a lot Brian Feister, I know he barely has the time to sleep these days and he still found the time to answer our questions!

  • Hi Brian, congratulations from EPK for your KS success! We spoke a bit of Amaurea’s Dawn before, but we wanted to see it more in perspective: it is, in fact, an episode one, but of what? What are your long term plans?

The Amaurea’s Dawn plan right now is the mini-series on Hyper RPG which starts this Friday. YAY! 🙂 … Matthew Mercer will make an appearance, BaerTaffy, Aureliyan (Lead Community Manager at Twitch), Ivan Van Norman (from Geek & Sundry), Anna Prosser (from Twitch & MissClicks), Jesse Cox, and Strippin’ (regular cast member on

Check it out this Friday at 3pm PDT / 6pm EST on

  • It sounds interesting! I hope many people go and check it. I am happy to see you had many Stretch Goals unlocked, do you care to tell us more? I think that some are very interesting, I am especially curious about “Places of Amaurea” but many others seem very nice too!

There’s so much to tell, it’s hard to know where to begin. With “Places of Amaurea”, we will be expanding the environmental / landscape art for Amaurea’s Dawn. Super excited about it!


  • I am excited too, as a backer 🙂 About the future Stretch Goals, I look forward to the Mounts & Vehicles addition. Can you tell us a bit more about the Goals to reach?

Mounts and vehicles is an exciting one! I’ll be creating dragon mounts, spaceships, griffins, all kinds of fun stuff. The idea is that each one will have it’s own movement mode and you can use it to move (pretty standard). Also, each one will have properties that give it advantages, and also attributes. So for example, a  dragon mount might have Energy 6 and give you the ability to command it to breathe fire in place of your normal attack you would attack with it’s attribute.

As I write the post, Mounts & Vehicles is already funded! Like Brian said …YAY! And Advanced Mechanic is funded too!!!


  • Very good and now our last question, probably too long for now 🙂 We are very curious to know a bit more of how you organized the work, with so many famous names and two companies! Was/is it hard?

It’s been very difficult to secure the involvement of alot of these people. There were many more people that were asked and just didn’t have the time. And coordinating such a large team has been a huge challenge. I basically work two full-time jobs, spending 40 hrs / week on my day job and 40 / hrs per week on Open Legend.

Thank you Brian, I know we were a part of your extra 40 hours this week, but if we raise the interest of even another person, it will be time well spent, yours and ours …


We think the community-driven Open Legend RPG for any genre and Amaurea’s Dawn, a multi-genre campaign setting, really deserve to be backed and played and we will do it ourselves! If you want you can read later on a full review of Open Legend and the previous updates.

And here, off course, the KS page of Open Legend: Open-source RPG & Amaurea’s Dawn Setting! Our suggestion, veni, vidi, backi!

01/11/2016 UPDATE:

There is an interesting Kickstaster running, already funded with more than 6 times the initial goal (I will contribute to it myself), and still with 18 days to go: Open Legend: Open-source RPG & Amaurea’s Dawn Setting!

I am not surprised at all of the big success, since our last review of Open Legend: the material, authors and collaborators are too good! Amaurea’s Dawn is a multi-genre campaign setting, produced in collaboration with many big names, I only mention Matthew Mercer, GM for Geek & Sundry’s Critical Role, and Ed Greenwood, non other than the creator of the Forgotten Realms! There are many other interesting authors, you should check the amazing WRITERS & EDITORS section of the Kickstarter page.

amaurea4After giving us an open-source rules set, the authors of Open Legend wanted to demonstrate its flexibility in a complete campaign setting and they had the idea of Amaurea’s Dawn. From now on let’s use their own words:

amaurea8“Written by legendary storytellers such as Ed Greenwood and Matthew Mercer, Amuarea’s Dawn serves as as an exemplar campaign setting with a genre-bending and narrative rich world. Breathtaking illustration by world-class illustrators accompany and reveal the deeply layered world.

So, enough of that — let’s hear the story!

It was years ago the portal closed. None who passed through had ever returned. Driven to the brink of self-destruction, the Council of Three re-opened the old portal. Stepping through once more in a desperate gamble, they hope to discover untapped resources and save their dying planet, the people of Schlectenberg struggle to survive in the savage jungle world of Amaurea. But with new hope comes hidden danger for the settlers’ — their unwelcome pilfering does not sit well with native elven houses.

amaurea5You can find other details in the Kickstarter page, but I will not spoiler, but there are savage shamans, a dread terror named Naruthagol, the waning noble House Rhuviel and the ambitious and quite “heretic” House Nivenilya, dark magics and a foretold dawn, Amaurea’s Dawn!


Let me only tell you a few other things: from the KS you can have Open Legend and Amaurea’s Dawn Campaign Setting (both in hardcover), and several limited-edition gadgets and ways to contribute to create some aspects of the world of Amaurea!

amaurea6The Kickstarter reached several social goals and 11 stretch goals already! Short stories, Art books of NPCs and places, new weapons and equipment rules, an expanded bestiary, and many others! You can also find several add-ons like a bane & boon deck of cards (see our review of Open Legend) and poster maps.

So we suggest you to go to see this wonderful Kickstarter and back it!

And here the full review of the Open Legend RPG!


Pictures in the following are from Open Legend’s homepage and community. At least several of them are, originally, from an artist named Saryth. Brian Feister, the author of OPEN LEGEND, owns the copyrights of the pictures. You can find more of Saryth in Deviantart!

Hi to all of our readers,

if you follow us, you noticed that we spoke of commercial and non commercial projects, we do not care, they only have one thing in common: since we have a lot less time and space of the projects out there, we speak only of what we like and, also, unfortunately of a small part of what we like!

Even so, it is rare to speak of such a worthy project as the one of today, a very interesting Open Source RPG, complete but always growing! We decided for an “interreview”, that is a mix of review and interview, the best thing, for us. The questions are reserved for the most important points, the ones the authors care more for, so we ask them straight!


Open Legend, is an Open Source roleplay game (if you don’t know what it is, I feel it is better than ‘free’) with a prolific development board and an ever-growing community (all addresses in the homepage), that helps to create new projects based on this nice RPG system. If you are interested, the authors gave the permission to produce both commercial and non-commercial works, based upon this system!

Recently, the Open Legend team published a long awaited module, A Star Once Fallen, a beautiful and clever learn-by-play adventure that serves well as an intro module to Open Legend. With it, you can start to play with almost zero-time preparation, so if you are already curious about the game, go there, download it and play. Well … no, at least finish our post(s) before!


Open Legend is a game that emphasize the story above all and uses a sleek and never cumbersome system of rules, to tell Stories of Legend! To use the words of the authors: “the players take the part of mighty heroes and wicked villains in order to tell stories of epic proportion. Every game of Open Legend revolves around intrepid characters performing heroic deeds. They will fight mythic beasts, break ancient curses, solve mind-boggling puzzles, discover untold treasures, and more.”

Open Legend has no preset setting, the rules are written to be open too, and adapt well to many rpg genres: classical fantasy, sci-fi, horror, superhero, survival and, in practice, the setting that you prefer.

But let’s stop and start with the first questions!

1)      Hi Brian and Open Legend team, do you care to tell us something more about you? Maybe some trivia about you, like what is your gaming experience, how you did start to play and where you are based. Do you only play Open Legend nowadays?

I’m a lifelong tabletop RPG gamer and GM, an engineer, and an artist / creative director professionally. Being birthed into the cruel world of gaming at the age of 13 as a Gnome Illusionist in a 2nd Edition (AD&D) Skills and Powers campaign. I was reluctantly adopted by a group of fanatical Talos worshippers (Chaotic Evil, of course) in a Forgotten Realms campaign, I quickly learned how to fend for myself – casting an illusion that saved the party from being mauled to death by a Bulette in the crypts of Undermountain.

I play 5th Edition very rarely, but creating Open Legend and all the work that goes along with it has left me with very little free time to play in other people’s D&D games these days. Your guess was right on – I do, in fact, play almost exclusively Open Legend. After 20 years of D&D there were certain things that I just got so tired of, I fixed those things in Open Legend and I’ve not been this happy playing a game in a really long time! I am constantly thinking about the game and how much I enjoy it.


2)      Nice! Gnomes! I like them! Not only my today character, Glimreen Lodestar, but also my old BECMI Gnome Wicca with six assistants, the bare minimum to recharge the screw powering his big mechanical walker … but I digress! So … what about the start of Open Legend? Where did this idea come from?

The start of Open Legend was my frustration with a number of things in D&D, which I have played since I was 13. I struggled with the idea that we’re playing a game where the story exists completely in our imagination, but yet there are these very specific limitations around what abilities your character has and how you’re allowed to use them. I wanted something more open-ended. I played Dungeon World, and felt very much liberated by the open-endedness of it, I also felt dissatisfied with the lack of strategy. I wanted something that was “in the middle”.

The very simple explanation of what I wanted as I told it to myself was “A system where, given the right rolls, it could be used as the engine to tell any story you see in a book or movie.” In books / movies, you don’t see Wizards saying “Oh, but wait! I haven’t rested yet, I need to study my spellbook. I’ve forgotten the spells I have memorized each day for the past 6 months”. I wanted something more cinematic, open-ended and with less resource management.


3)      I agree with your vision! Mana-based systems can overcome this limitations or other games which limit in other ways spells, but not in numbers, like Earthdawn. In general, the limitations, are necessary but often quite absurd. You found a good way, for me. Another question. How long did it take to develop your idea? Did you do it all by yourselves or did you also have some external collaborators? Is it difficult, today, to write an Open Source product, with no funds?

I started writing Open Legend about 5 years ago. Some of that time I was less active than others, so I wouldn’t say 5 years is necessary, but I did it as time allowed over that period. I did some early playtests in the beginning with my long-time gaming group and closer friends. I think they were intrigued by the idea but it was clear that to really demonstrate the system, I needed to invest alot of time into creating the options that the game needs in order to be fun. So, I spent years crafting and changing and tweaking the banes, boons, and feats until the game design and mechanical elements became very clear in terms of how the pieces all fit together.

About a year ago, I launched into a more public phase where I went to Public Beta with the rules, hired my friend and longtime gaming companion Ish Stabosz to do the editing for the Core Rules. Ish is a College Professor and an excellent writer. He helped breathe life into the rules, make them clearer and easier to read, and offered a number of important design elements that have helped the game.

I own a number of small businesses and I have some specific ideas around how I like to do things, whenever possible I really like to pay very talented people for the work they do. I am often uncomfortable working with someone if I’m not paying them for their time. Other than those who have helped me just by testing the game and offering feedback, the core development team has been paid for their time. The reason the game is Open Source is because I believe that gives it the best chance of being used by the largest number of people. If the game isn’t being played then it has no value. So, my philosophy is that I’m happy for people to read the rules on the website and play the game for free – no strings attached. I believe that I can earn their trust over time by demonstrating how much I believe in the game. When they see that, they will also become believers in the game and when they believe in it, then they’ll help out by buying products to help the company be successful. And if not, then we believe they will probably be telling their friends about the game, and eventually someone who hears about it as word spreads will be interested in buying one of our publications.


A B S O L U T E L Y  commendable Brian. I knew the game was worthy and I admire Open Source authors but you went even more far than many others, I really like the birth of your game and we are really happy to give you a bit a space to speak of OPEN LEGEND!

After our first ramblings and the interesting answers of Brian, about his beautiful game, let’s delve a bit into character creation!


The many attributes (Physical, Mental, Social and Supernatural) have values between 0 and 9 and can let the character perform both mundane and unearthly tasks, like casting spells, mold the elements, resurrect a companion, teleport, create undead, see the future and many others. To each value is associated a die (or more than one) to be added to the Action rolls: the DM sets a Challenge Rating for the task at hand, the player rolls 1d20 + attribute dice and the total has be equal or greater than the Challenge Rating. A very interesting thing is what the authors define as dice explosion: in practice you reroll and add up all the dice that roll their maximum value (4 for 1d4, 6 for 1d6 and so on), with no limits. This lets you make some very satisfactory rolls and even to succeed when the Challenge Rating should be too high for your character! A quite important thing is that, in the spirit of the game, every roll should matter and drive the story: the roll of another character should not immediately counter a failed roll, the failure should bring consequences or some events should follow while the story progresses. You find some examples here but the basic idea is that the Story never stops while the GM interpret the meaning of every roll of Success or Failure. Another interesting feature of Action Rolls is the concept of Advantage and Disadvantage that can be imposed by situations, Feats, Banes / Boons: you roll additional dice that make it easier or more difficult your task. In practice, if you roll 1d20 + 2d6 and you have Advantage 3, you roll 1d20 + 5d6 instead and keep the highest 2d6; if you have Disadvantage 3 you do the same but you keep the lowest 2d6. I find it a nice concept because, even with good numbers and dice, you cannot do something really stupid or careless hoping your dice will save you. If I may simplify: the 1d20 is the true Lady Luck, the additional dice are your character, Advantage / Disadvantage are both situational, powers and, above all, Roleplay!


A side note for people playing D&D 5th Edition: the words Challenge Rating and Advantage/Disadvantage were chosen way before the publication of 5th Edition manuals 🙂 Coincidence does happen or is it that … no, no, ok, I said nothing! Let’s go with another run of questions!

4)      Brian, do you care to tell us a bit about the soul of this project? What do you consider the strongest points of Open Legend? Which parts are very original, in your opinion?

I think the part of the game that is most original is probably the dice mechanic. Exploding dice are not new, but the idea of rolling a large pool of dice (if you take feats like Attack Specialization you get Advantage, which means you roll extra dice) where you keep only some of them and are looking to keep the highest and increase your chance of explosions is unique. I’ve not seen or heard of it from anyone I’ve talked to thus far (and I’ve talked to ALOT of people).

The game is actually not trying to be very surprising or different. I think alot of games include things that are unique just so that people will be impressed by them, but I think they lack long-term substance to keep people’s attention in the long-run. I don’t want to create unique mechanics just for the sake of making a new game. I want to take and learn the lessons and draw on the best parts of what has been unanimously enjoyed by the gaming community and put all of it into one package.

I think the balance between an emphasis on story and strategy is really the soul of the game. Great games like Dungeon World, for me, didn’t have as much complexity as I want in a long-term campaign. Open Legend is built, very intentionally to fulfill the same goals and desires that gamers currently fulfill with D&D and Pathfinder. I also think that with large numbers of new players coming into the gaming hobby via live streams on Twitch and similar platforms, that there are lots of people who want to get into a roleplaying game, but are not willing to take the time to spend hours studying the spell lists or reading books. Open Legend is a perfect system for these new players because many of the mechanics are shared across different character types, so once you learn the banes and boons, you can have many different character concepts use those same mechanics.

The difference between Open Legend and other popular long-term campaign RPGs is that when you want to do a Weird Wild West campaign setting, you don’t need to spend years re-thinking the rules and mechanics. Most of it is already in place, you just need to add a few interesting twists that are specific to your setting and then you’re good to go. It is my hope that this means Open Legend can focus most of it’s energy on writing new story content rather than worrying about coming up with a new system for every new campaign setting and genre we release.


5)      These are very interesting advantages, in fact. Actually I think I could write an entire module where players wake up in Wild Wild West, then the next time they wake up they would be in a full fantasy realm, then they would wake up … ok you understood the concept 🙂 It is nice to use the same system for many different settings. But I tend to digress and I am talking to myself, oh well, Gandalf explains it so well … Back to the game. Brian which parts of OPEN LEGEND are, in turn, a bit “weak” or requiring some development?

The only thing I feel the game is missing is a way of “tying characters together”, something that Dungeon World does a great job at with its “bonds”. But we’re fixing this. Currently in development is a system of “Perks & Flaws” which will cover things like “I have a background as royalty / merchant / criminal”, but also racial perks like “Elven eyes”. These perks are also things that can be developed over time or given out by the GM as rewards that are tied to the story arc of a campaign. You might gain the “Noble” perk and become a noble on a small local level when you save the town and earn the local ruler’s favor.

We also have the “flaws” side of things, which creates a system where (at the GM’s discretion) you can gain Fate Points when you role-play your character’s flaw in a way that is detrimental to you. It won’t be more than once or twice per session, but flaws can be used to enhance the storytelling aspect of the game.

Right now, the game is very open and freeform in terms of the story, so I think this area is the only thing I’d change, bringing in a bit more of an element where you can choose thematic perks and flaws that have a real impact on the gameplay when you’re at the table.


6)      I look forward to see these changes and the Fate Points, in your interesting, Roleplay oriented, meaning. Now, about the system of rules, did some games inspire you? About the “exploding dice”: this concept reminds us a bit of the Wild Die in West End Game D6 system or the Bonus Dice in some FASA games (e.g. Earthdawn and Shadowrun).

Exploding dice have been around forever. For me, personally, I’ve spent most of my years playing D&D rather than other systems. One system that has always fascinated me is Deadlands.  It uses both dice pools and also exploding dice. The concept of exploding dice in Deadlands was inspiring to me and I think that’s where it initially came from. The thing that always bothered me about  other exploding dice systems is that the more powerful you become the more narrow your average dice roll is. If you roll 10d6, then VERY often your roll is going to be between 30 and 40. Some systems “count successes”, meaning that if you roll X or better on one of the dice that counts as once success, but for me, I prefer to do the numeric total. I like hit points, I think people understand and can relate to them so I wanted to stick with something more familiar. Defense scores in the game are also similar, averaging between 10 – 20 to start.

So, in Open Legend, when you roll Attribute 9 (3d10) with Advantage 5 (5 extra dice), you roll the base d20 + 8d10, but you’re keeping the highest 3 d10’s. This means that it works the opposite of other dice pool systems. The bigger your dice pool, the greater the chance for a very high roll, as opposed to the average becoming increasingly narrow in it’s range.


7)      Yes, as I commented before, it is not because you have the dice that you can quit to roleplay and use strategy, otherwise you will probably fail! About failure, we probably missed some important points in our quick review, if so, we do apologize and you have here the possibility to rectify our errors. Do you want to add something more about Open Legend?

I think your questions have been great. I think the only thing I would add is to mention my upcoming Kickstarter campaign which includes both the first printing of the Core Rules as well as Amaurea’s Dawn, our very exciting campaign setting which includes some amazing writers like Matthew Mercer (the GM for Critical Role on Geek & Sundry), Ed Greenwood (Creator of the Forgotten Realms), and John Wick (Author of 7th Sea RPG). I could go into alot of detail, here but I think I’ll keep things mysterious for now and let people get inspired by some of our amazing artwork that they’ll see in the Kickstarter campaign. Join our mailing list at to get notified about our mid-October campaign.


Wow! Reading all these names my roleplay senses are tingling! It could be also a nice end for the interreview but it is not 🙂 In the next episode there will be a lot of new info about people revolving around Open Legend, a part for Brian off course and projects of today and of the future, like Amaurea’s Dawn!

Back to character’s creation, to set Attributes’ scores you can use Quick Builds or a Custom Build, with a purchase system. Some Archetypes can help you to set in an instant the attributes of certain character types: there are no Classes, per se, but a clever distribution of the attributes sets the first step in creating the, fully customized, character you want! I like this kind of freedom since a long time ago and it is there in precious, few, games, like one of my preferred ones Star Wars (no, no, not THAT thing of Disney … the old one) with the D6 system, from West End Games.

archetypes Other scores, like Defenses from attacks and Hit Points, depend on some Attributes value. To complete the character you get to choose from a list of many Feats (the Archetypes can help you there too), races, equipment et voilà! A part for some finishing but important touches, like physical and mental description and the background, your character is complete: it could even take less than 5 minutes, taking all the shortcuts, a very useful thing should you need to create a new Hero in a pinch, or for a DM creating a few last-minute NPCs.

though-as-nailsYou can better tailor your characters to your needs with Banes and Boons that you can use, provided you possess the right Attribute at a sufficient value. Using Open Legend team’s own words: “Banes allow you to stun your enemies, set them ablaze, or otherwise hinder them with devastating status effects. Boons are perks that you grant yourself or allies, such as magical healing, damage resistance, and flight.” Your fighter can, thus, disarm, stun or make his foes fall on the ground, not only hitting it with a weapon.

About the setting, as we said, you can use your preferred one; the rules are easy to adapt and you can quickly create a new Race or Feats, Banes/Boons and so on, comparing with the established ones for sake of balance. So let’s start again with questions.


8)      Brian, we noticed that the artworks in your homepage come from a Deviantart artist, named Saryth: is he the main artist in your products?

Saryth is an amazing artist, I’ll be forever grateful to him as much of the look and feel of the game (which people have enjoyed) comes from his work. However, he’s moved onto other projects now and the art was commissioned years ago. Some of my amazing illustrators featured in the Core Rules and Amaurea’s Dawn campaign setting include: Randy Vargas (Vargasni), Crystal Sully, Ivan Sevic, and Ilse Gort, and Yunior Guerra.


9)      Looking forward to see the new graphics then! There is already something new in your homepage about Amaurea and, also, a new logo of Open Legend, between question 8 and 9: you can compare it to the previous one in part 1 of the interreview and tell what you think in Open Legend community! This is an evident sign that, even though the game is complete, the project is still very alive and well! We also happy to know that you have several followers! It is normal, with a good product, a blog and an active community: what can you tell us about it? Are these friends and fans important for the development of new projects? How do you interact with them?

I interact with fans, collaborators, developers, illustrators, and writers on a daily basis. I have an incredible team working on the project and I’m honored that they have placed their trust in me to make something great. Thanks to them I think it’s very much going to happen and the game will make a lasting impression on the industry. Most of these people are friends that I have met through Open Legend. Yes, these people are all very important to the project and knowing that they are playing and enjoying the game is the most powerful source of personal drive and determination to keep pushing forward.

In terms of the community, I think people should check it out for themselves! Stop by and have a look at our growing community of players, ask questions, pitch in your own ideas.


10)      A good advice, I went to take a look there and I was quite envious, I would like to have a similar community for our blog; but we are young (as a blog, only as a blog), we will see in time! A part for Open Legend itself, did you develop several products? We only mentioned in passing “A Star Once Fallen.” What about fan-made Open Legend products, both commercial and non-commercial? In addition, what about the licenses?

I recommend checking out the development board for Open Legend which includes some early drafts of campaign settings and other community contributions. Right now we have people working on everything from Space Opera, to Post-post Apocalyptic Future, to Modern Psychic Spy / High-tech, to 1800’s London Superheroes. The development board is a good place to get in touch with the authors of those other content items. And once I get the Kickstarter off the ground for Amaurea’s Dawn (per my earlier comment), I’ll turn my attention to the writers and making a decision about which content to focus on publishing next.

For licenses, we’ve kept things simple: Non-commercial is completely open, so you can go ahead and put it right up on DriveThruRPG if it’s free, or you can go with our royalty-free Commercial license, which requires content be submitted for approval prior to publishing, at which time we give our approval and then publishers can go ahead with their content.

I’m aware of this being slightly problematic compared to OGL content which does not require any approval, I’d like to give 3rd Party Publishers the same peace of mind and am planning to work with lawyers to hammer out something that allows publishers to release work without getting publisher approval but also prevents the rules from being copied and repackaged with only minimal changes / adjustments.


11)      I think it is very reasonable to try to avoid a misuse of what you created, with other people’s help too, and in many years. It is also quite generous to let the others use it without asking something back. But about other worthy things, it seems you organize several events; do you care to tell us a bit more? When and where are the next ones?

My main event right now is my weekly Sunday 1pm EDT game Open Legend game featured on Will, Sydney, and the cast there are amazing and have been wonderful friends throughout the process of marketing and promoting the game. Other than that, I’m always looking for GMs interested in running the system and happy to help connect them with interested players to fill up their games, it’s particularly helpful to play online via Roll20 or similar to break through geographic barriers.


12)      Good, I hope many people participate! And now, the mother of all questions. What are your plans for the future? New products and so on. I have to admit that I am VERY curious: from some tweets of you and your answers, I saw many well-known names in the gaming world that will collaborate with you. PLEASE tell us something more!

Haha, well I guess I spoiled this surprise earlier, but YES, we’re very excited for the Amaurea’s Dawn campaign setting which will Kickstart in October and feature Matthew Mercer (the GM for Critical Role on Geek & Sundry), Ed Greenwood (Creator of the Forgotten Realms), and John Wick (Author of 7th Sea RPG), Savannah Broadway (Paizo), BJ Hensley (Rite Publishing, and many others), and Ryan Schapals (Hyper RPG).

In Amaurea’s Dawn, there is home world, with an epic megalopolis of a city 100 miles wide and 5 levels high. Ed Greenwood is the writer for Schlectenberg, a smog-wreathed cesspool of progress and mechanical ingenuity. This resource-starved city is a sprawling metropolis that has grown, consumed, and steamrolled many subcultures in it’s growth toward the behemoth that it is today.

Driven to the brink of self-destruction, the Council of Three (Archmages that form the ruling Magocracy) have re-opened a portal that was opened nearly 100 years ago, except those who traveled though it never returned and were never seen or heard from again. Re-opening and stepping through that portal in a desperate gamble, the people of Schlectenberg step through into a savage jungle world in hopes of supplying the needed resources to  save their dying home world. Amaurea (the jungle world) is Inhabited by a number of vastly different Elven tribes, savage shamanic elves strung-out on drugs and lost in “The Weave” (web that binds all life together) but tainted by a nightmare energy, advanced bioengineers that tamper with the basic building blocks of life – and others say ought not be tampered with, and a noble and heroic Elven House that is in a state of decline while their leader is blinded by bitterness, and a tribe of freakish mutants who have taken bioengineering too far and turned themselves into monsters.

In diplomatic relations with the Amaureans, there is a problem – dark forces from the home world (Schlectenberg) work to alter the course of history. A cult of supposed prophets, the Voices of the Light, who use dark magic to bend the minds of anyone they deem important. This cult has allied with weapons manufacturers who are fanning the flames of war and will stop at nothing to return to the glory days when Schlectenberg was a conquering nation that devoured everything in it’s path with their military might.

The main theater / stage of the campaign story is the conflict zone, which is Amaurea (hence the campaign’s name “Amaurea’s Dawn”), a typical campaign involves the players being set free to explore Amaurea and discover it’s intricate blend of danger, adventure, and political turmoil that makes the situation far more delicate than meets the eye.


Everything seems so cool, Brian! Thank you for your friendliness and openness, well you seem to have a knack for it, and we hope our readers will come, en masse, on your homepage and that they read and play Open Legend! We will for sure keep a close eye on this last project, maybe we will do a review of the Kickstarter or, at least, speak about the follow-up of the project but our readers can be sure that this is not the last time they hear about Open Legend and Amaurea’s Dawn! In fact you can find already something on the homepage of Open Legend …

We hope you all enjoyed this interreview as much as we did in writing it and we will see other nice projects in a short time!

See you soon, even here, for new updates!





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