The Prosperium, a magical material


Our Island of Moaning Voices Kickstarter is live now. Enjoy and back us if you like it!

After speaking of the arrival to the Island of Moaning Voices, and of the Troblins, a powerful and treacherous new enemy, today we want to give you a preview about a magical material only found on the Island: the Prosperium!

It is part of the Island and its strange magical forces, a material that can be a metal or a crystal and lend the power of one of the four Elements to the objects created with it!

The Prosperium is so rare that the vast majority of the inhabitants of the Island do not even know it exists: only the most powerful rulers and a few of their advisors know about the Prosperium and its magical properties! In fact almost no one knows that the Duke sponsored the colonization of the Island mostly for the hope of finding a lot of Prosperium!

Please take a look to the pdf with the layout.

prosperium prosperium2

The pages above are in low resolution, you can find high resolution ones in our Download area.

There is much yet to learn: is it at all possible to find a lot of Prosperium? Is there a mother lode of it or only a few nuggets here and there? What about the colored forms? What is the better form of Prosperium that the players can hope to find? And, most importantly, can the PCs recover some knowledge about this metal? Can they benefit the community of Prosperity and please some powerful sponsors? Will they draw the attention of powerful enemies, men and monsters alike?

The answer to some of these questions may be ‘yes’ but you will have to wait and see it in our nearing Kickstarter!





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