T for troubles, T for Troblins …

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Our Island of Moaning Voices Kickstarter is live now. Enjoy and back us if you like it!

Last week we told you how it is to arrive for the first time (or not to arrive at all …) to the Island of Moaning Voices.

Today we want to present you some of the nastiest denizens of the Island, the Troblins! They may look similar to many other enemies that you already know, and the same is true for your players too, if you are a DM. Well … it is WRONG! Fight the Troblins like you do with a pack of Gnolls or goblin scum and you will have our preferred situation, an Entire Party Killed, off course 🙂


Why? Well, read it for yourself, but I can anticipate that, where there is Evil, there can be sometimes Order too and you will have then the worst kind of enemies, Bad Guys that know what they are doing …

This is the reason why no man on the Island ever saw a Troblin, at least no one that could tell it, afterwards! A deadly and complex opponent even for the most experienced players and a scary tool to spice the campaigns, for the DMs who already saw everything.


Rigid castes, stealth and ferocity, a King on the top or, maybe, a wise old one ruling behind the curtain, with magic and wits.

We hope you appreciate this preview about Troblins, there are many more to come, in the next weeks and months.

In a week or so, you will discover a mystical material that possibly make the Island the future scenery of battles among Empires!

He who controls the spi … uh, the Prosperium, controls the world.

Please take a look to the pdf with the layout! The pages below are in low resolution, you can find high resolution pages in our Download area.

Troblin p33Troblin p34





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