The arrival to the Island of Moaning Voices!

Our Island of Moaning Voices Kickstarter is live now. Enjoy and back us if you like it!

After a presentation of our (not so) future Kickstarter, and the adventure “The Tomb“, today we show you an example of what we are thinking about!

You may have heard that the Island is fraught with dangers and prowling predators, but what you still don’t know, is that you may have to pay all that you possess even to reach it and, sometimes, you pay even more …

Arrival at the Island of Moaning Voices

You wake up to the sound of waves crashing along the hull of the nimble ship and at the sun, glaring through your eyelids. Your back and bones ache for the prolonged and uncomfortable night position. Besides, you sold all your possessions to be able to embark on this ship, and the only place that you could afford was the upper deck. Scorching sun and burning thirst by day, hard wooden planks as bedding by night, not to mention the food! When your friend hands you the breakfast, marinated cod and beer, you can only barely hold back a retch. The last two weeks, this endless journey, have been the worst period of your life. You get up and over the railing there is just sea, sea, and more sea. And seagulls too! You pour a bucket of cold sea water upon your head, then pass it to the companion to your right that immediately begins to lower it in the sea. SKREEEK !! Damn seagulls … You look up in hope to the crow’s nest, holding your breath. The lookout inspect the horizon with expert gaze. “Come on… come on…” You have high hopes every morning and today you hear the long awaited cry!

“Land!! Land on the starboard side!”

The deck comes suddenly alive and only then you realized how many people throng on the ship. You lean against the bulkhead, together with your friends and fellow travelers. PROSPERITY ISLAND is there in front of you! Although it is only a vague outline in the distance and yet need another day of travel to reach it, you know in your heart that the greatest opportunity to change your life is right in front of you, among its white beaches, bays teeming with fish, unexplored forests and deadly cliffs. You suddenly think, with a shudder, it’s like the sharp fangs of a giant sea monster emerging from the water and rising to the sky.


Shadows and secrets

He watched with fake curiosity the crowd of people along the bulkhead of the ship, looking for the faraway island, almost wanting to touch it with their eyes, if not with their hands. The trip had not been particularly long and boring for him, besides, his status had allowed him to obtain one of the few cabins available to wealthier passengers. He had had to share it with two other men, boring and talkative, but at least he had not been forced to sleep on a hammock in the dormitory or, even worse, in the open, on the deck. He had already been on the Island of Moaning Voices two years earlier, and he would never forget that experience. The island, its wonders, its secrets and its horrors had opened his mind. Indeed … the island’s greatest secret. He jealously guarded it and he knew that there were people willing to kill for it, but also to pay handsomely to gain possession of it. He had finally found the right buyer, a person who promised an adequate and fair reward. What he did not understand was why this “patron” had insisted so much that he set foot again on the island. As a precaution, he thought. The mysterious buyer probably did not trust him and therefore he had requested his presence on the island.

Sheltering himself from the stinging sea breeze in the collar of the ample cloak, he decided he had had enough of the sight. He retraced his steps back down the short, wide wooden ladder leading below deck, to his cabin. When he reached the door he saw that it was ajar. “Idiots!” he cursed inwardly the two oafs with whom he shared the small but comfortable room.

When he entered he realized right away that he was not alone, despite the darkness. He spun around, his hand on the long knife, and faced it, a totally black shadow. He could see only the eyes, two pools of the deepest color of the sea. “Wha …” The words died in his throat, choked by a wave of warm blood pouring from his sliced throat.

He had not even seen the rapid diagonal movement and the sharp blue blade that severed bones, veins and trachea, in a single, precise cut. His body landed on the floor with a dull thud, slowed down by his murderer. Death came quick and painless to him. For a moment the mysterious shadow watched the man’s face, distorted into an expression of surprise more than pain. A fine mist of ice crystals started to pour out from the open wound, a deep and horizontal cut. The cold generated by the power of his steel dagger was freezing the blood. Without further ado, the shadow pounced on the corpse. With one swift movement, it tore the man’s clothes, exposing his hairless muscular chest. What it was looking for was there, engraved on the flesh as an indelible mark. With a quick movement he changed his grip on the dagger and, with surgical precision, he began to slice the meat. When it finished the grisly work, the shadow took an ivory tube from the pouch at his belt. Carefully it folded the flap of skin and it slipped it inside the container, decorated with magical protective runes.After making sure that there was no one in the hallway, the shadow slipped out of the cabin. A few steps from the ladder, it pulled away the hood, with a quick gesture, releasing long reddish curls. Once out, she was surrounded by the fresh sea air and the warm sunlight. In a few moments she had disappeared in the cheering crowd that thronged on the deck.


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