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Our Island of Moaning Voices Kickstarter is live now. Enjoy and back us if you like it!

Hi all!

As promised, the adventure module The Tomb is now available in the Download area of our blog! It is the English extended and ultimate version and you can see it is quite more refined and beautiful than the original Italian one that we published at the end of May (available too in the Download area). For those who still do not know or have missed our presentation at the time of the publication of the module in Italian, The Tomb is an original adventure for D&D 5th edition, specially created for a CON for Mystara fans, held in Padua, Italy, in September 2015. As you guessed out the adventure is set in Mystara, the 80s-90s setting for Basic D&D, namely the set of Basic, Expert, Companion, Master and Immortal rules (in a word BECMI).


The last months to perfect our module, gave us the possibility to meet many creative people and D&D aficionados, just like us! We saw and tried first hand their artworks, we played and reviewed them, and these things were all important to mature in us the desire to grow in a new direction. This idea naturally evolved towards the decision to produce a large-scale adventure or campaign, of an even higher and more professional quality. This is to give our friends and fans always more and always better! We looked then around ourselves in search of collaborations, beyond our narrow circle, and we also pondered about the necessity to invest money, in addition to our time. For this kind of projects you need, we think, three things, a part for a tried team! CHECK, we have it!  Passion: CHECK, we have it in spades! Time: CHECK, more or less, well we have some time, setting aside, often, even family and friends. Money: CHE… well ok … money, how can we do, without emptying our own wallets? For the first two ingredients no problems, for the third we will resort to the same expedient as many people we met lately! Large or small groups and projects, famous or not, all realised with a tool available to people who want to put themselves on the line, like us, and with sharp and ample creativity and passion! And it works very well in support of brilliant and original ideas.

In short we will ask for your support through the crowdfunding and, in particular, a Kickstarter!

The Island of Moaning Voice

To conclude about “The Tomb”: our wish and hope is that you download and play it with your friends, and that it gives you at least a part of the enormous pleasure it gave us in writing and realizing it. We appreciate all kind of feedback from your part, we hope to have many useful comments to help us in giving shape to future projects, especially our Kickstarter, “Island of Moaning Voices”.

Good Tomb and good game to all of you and let’s speak a bit more about our KS!

Island of Moaning Voices is an ominous place, it’s name given by fishermen and sailors gone astray and hearing the maddening and tormented voices of the powerful winds of the sea, through the jagged spires of its steep cliffs!


The Island is not inaccessible, quite the contrary, but it is a mysterious and (mostly) unexplored place of untold wonders and dangers! The sandbox adventure module is largely based upon the exploration of an unknown, vast, territory with new, exciting and specific rules for this task! The storyline is not fix but the many events are influenced by PCs’ decisions and heroic (or vile) actions. The several adventures and encounters are enriched by countless, detailed, NPCs and a few plot twists. There are adventures of all kind and for all tastes: from almost purely investigation and mystery ones, quest-like ones given from NPCs, struggle for survival, political intrigue, dark plots, dungeon-crawl, many of them with an exploration or seek-before-destroy, undertone. The DMs will have the possibility to choose the difficulty of the adventure but it is also up to the PCs to decide which one to tackle, based upon their experience and wisdom, so beware! The battle is often not the only way and the unwise easily incur in an EPK (Entire Party Killed!)  in Island of Moaning Voices … do not blame us if your bones suddenly become part of it, forever!


The Island is a dangerous place for novice PCs and for experienced ones too, you have simply to choose where and when to go: new rules to explore the wilderness, will let the PCs to make a full use of the big (more than 20″ x 30″), strategic, hexagonal map that they will discover one or few hexagons at a time. Another map will let players to see a more artistic view of the place.

About the history, two realms on the brink of war, explored, at different times and for different reasons, Island of Moaning Voices, the Duchy of Belqualam and the Kingdom of Halethia. The PCs may or may not be involved in political and military struggles too! Will the Island be a place of moaning, like its original name, or will it become a true Prosperity Island, like Belqualam renamed it? The heroes of Moaning Voices will also find a whole lot of new monsters and creatures! A beautiful master screen with an innovative system of Initiative management and a recap of the new rules, will help the DMs in the encounters. New spells, rules to create magical items and an original arcane material, wholly ingrained in the history of The Island, complete the parade of novelties.


The module will be embellished with many pictures of several talented artists: you saw (or will see) something of them in The Tomb, in our Download area, but The Island will be even more beautiful and professional-like. Much will remain enshrouded in mystery, for now, and a lot more is still a matter of discussion: in fact we need your help in that, we want to give you the best adventure module for your taste and needs, a real EPiK Adventure! We have a new group in Facebook to collect your suggestions and comments: we will be very grateful to any useful and constructive ideas and we will remember the contributors in the Credits page of Island of Moaning Voices!

You will find new posts about our Kickstarter both in a specific page in our blog and in our Facebook group, but we will not quit at all our free, amateur production! Continue to follow us for many interesting news.





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