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Our Island of Moaning Voices Kickstarter is live now. Enjoy and back us if you like it!

It all began one year ago, the 6th of September 2015, and we were harvesting the first, positive, fruits of a summer spent to write and prepare the adventure “La Tomba” for the first Mystara-Con Italy. Thanks to the contribution of the entire EPK team, we are preparing to release “The Tomb”, after a long wait: it is the end result of the work started right after the many and positive feedback received immediately after the Con.

It is dedicated primarily to our friends and people who share, with us, the love for the Mystara setting and D&D 5th Edition and we hope they appreciate it. Along with this article you can already find the rich preview consisting of the first part of the adventure. In one of the next issues of the blog you will be have the possibility to download it in full from our Download section.

The Tomb is our last months’ product that better represents our way of being, of living the game and the setting. The pleasure of making up stories that are not obvious and trivial and, at the same time, have strong roots and consistency in the history of the setting itself. Research, attention to the details and willingness to accept and integrate constructive comments, have led us to constantly improve ourselves and to the result that you can read today. This way of working will represent for us the guideline for future projects that we are going to face.

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Now let’s delve a bit more into the adventure!

We wanted to give a more modern look to the module, while respecting the tone of the setting, and we used the fifth edition rules of D&D. The big success of this edition, helped to bring back at the center of the international scene the most famous role-playing game in the world. the tomb - The Villa

The resulting adventure of 66 pages, contains many maps, several handouts and the sheets of seven ready-to-use PCs. It is, in fact, a discovery mission but also provides a wide investigation phase, with the climax in an ancient tomb, built on the inspiration of a true Egyptian tomb. But first, the adventurers have to contend with scouring heat, scorpions, arid lands and their denizens. There are also surprising plot twists! The adventure module is designed for six or seven sixth level characters but can easily be adapted to a lower number of PCs or different level. As for the plot, we do not want to reveal details and spoil the surprise, but we can tell you that we have written it, in a coherent way to the original setting. At the same time, however, it was conceived as a one-shot adventure of a few hours, and it is easy export and insert it within campaigns outside Mystara setting.

the tomb - the door

The enthusiasm derived from the completion of “La Tomba” project, gave us the desire to challenge ourselves with jobs that are no longer intended for an amateur use only for a campaign or a regional event, like GiocaPadova, and we decide to make a blog. So we could say, it all started with a tomb … has been online for 10 months and with a production of more than 150 articles, stories, and reviews, with around 2-300 daily visitors and 500-800 visited pages! It is a project we are particularly proud of and it’s giving us a lot of satisfaction. The opportunity to meet people who share our passions, our interests, to confront with them by publishing their stories, it is a feeling like no one else. The possibility of speaking, interviewing real stars of the firmament of D&D (Mystara in particular) and other RPGs, is an opportunity given to few people and it’s a daily enrichment and growth for the Entire Party Killed team. It is a job that we want and we plan to continue in the years to come. Our constant search for collaborators, fans like us who want to join forces to create something bigger, beautiful and durable, therefore, does not stop now. Rather the contrary!



But we also want to progress and grow in other directions, putting it short, doing something more professional, through a Kickstarter. We The Island of Moaning Voicehad this idea a while ago and the situation is still fluid, but we can tell you at least the title of our project: “The Island of Moaning Voice”!

An adventure of exploration and investigation, in a new and surprising setting, for a multitude of quest and character types!

During the past three years, Baron Aygram have been pursuing the arduous task of colonizing the Island of Moaning Voice.

However, the hardships and the dangers that lurk in the unexplored lands, have proved more difficult than expected.

Who will unravel the many secrets hidden in such a treacherous place? What lies hidden in the countryside, where

so many explorers were sent and failed to come back, so far?

Maybe you will succeed where many have given up!

We are still in search of suggestions and you can help us too, going to ourfacebook page there!


And now, after the announce, we hope you take a look to the first 20 or so pages of The Tomb, revised, rewritten, translated and with new pictures and layout respect to the original italian module! (login required)

The adventurers receive, from the Baron of Biazzan, a seemingly trivial investigation on a new archaeological site, discovered near the Altan Tepes mountains, from which the informative dispatches ceased to arrive several days ago.
What fate occurred to the researchers and their armed escort? On what mystery have they stumbled upon? And, above all, to whom belongs the mysterious tomb they found there?
An Adventure for 6-7 characters of level 6-8 Playable with D&D 5th Edition rules

the tomb - cover





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