WORLDOGRAPHER: the HEXOGRAPHER 2 Kickstarter from Inkwell Ideas

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Two posts today … wow … well the fact is, I am ashamed to admit it, I forgot to write this earlier 🙁 too many things piling up!

Plain and classic Hexographer hexagonal maps

Plain and classic Hexographer hexagonal maps

I have less time today to draw maps but you may have noticed that I mostly use Hexographer of the prolific Inkwell Ideas, for hexagonal maps (there are many in our Download area). It is an interesting program we spoke about several times, here and there, and now there is a very striking innovation, Hexographer 2 on Kickstarter!

One of the various icon sets of Hexographer

One of the various icon sets of Hexographer

The authors decided to call it Worldographer and it has very interesting features, among others a very attractive 3D look! In the Kickstarter page you may see the beautiful pictures and play with the interesting Demo Version, as well. There are new sets of icons and other options, using authors’ own words, they wanted to “take the tool to the next level! Here is what we can do with a new version (not all of this is in the demo version yet):”


“A new architecture allows us to have undo/redo functionality.

Better “child maps.” Create a world map and from that same map create a continent level map as well as a kingdom level map. It will remain one file so most changes to one level map will be reflected in the others.

Hexographer’s rather simple “note” functionality can expand to allow you to detail each location as well as things about your world not tied to a location: religions, cultures, important NPCs, etc. It becomes an interactive Gazetteer!

We’re adding an entirely new, more realistic icon set to the software.”


“Polygons, Lines, Ovals, etc. have more options for shadows and textures.

Easy drag and drop of labels and features: Most apps make this tricky, but we’re improving it.

Icosohedral Maps have been planned into Worldographer from the beginning.”


“Configuration of new terrain, features, and textures is much easier. (Just drop files to a specific folder.)

The new user interface framework gives the software a cleaner look.

Mini-generators create details for notes about cities, castles, ruins, etc.

Import Hexographer 1 files.”

So, compatibility and many novelties for all cartographers out there!

The two programs are compatible

The two programs are compatible

Be quick and go to the Kickstarter page of Worldographer, there is one day and an half left to back them, we think you should and we will definitely do it ourselves!


And stay tuned, there will be many interesting posts in the near future … surprise! [If you are too curious, some hints can be found there …]




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