From the Chronicles of Anankis Miri

…EPISODE III: DRAGON HATCHERY (Part 3)     ¦     The Beginning of the Story

A new role


“To the ‘Black Deers Pair’ Inn. Ask for Ontharr Frume.” The note Leosin delivered to us hasn’t other information and we decide to leave immediately Greenest.
The journey to reach Eldurel, in the north, is 200 miles long but, thanks to the horses Leosin paid for us we’re able to reduce the travel time.
We expend six days, monotonous and calm, travelling without bumping into other people and we start to see Eldurel three nights before arriving there: there’s a very shiny light that attracts our attention and brightens the area near the city.
OntharrFinally we reach the city and the light we saw before is a bright, magic lighthouse that enlightens the entire city and, to arrive to the Inn, we cross a river crowded with mercantile boats.
The Inn is rather big and, on the sign, are depicted two big stags’ antlers; from the outside we hear a loud clamor.
Elora opens the door and a loud laugh welcomes us: “Ah! I beat you again!”. A big man is playing darts but using axes. I’m pretty sure this isn’t a good idea but I don’t say anything ‘cause the people inside look at me with suspicion.
The big man drinks from a tankard and orders a new one: for a moment he gazes at us but, suddenly, he returns to play the dangerous game. Shill draws near to the man and talks: “Excuse me, sir-“. He laughs again: “Sir! I’m not a sir!”.ontharr-frume
He’s burly and wears a chain armor and on the belly he has a symbol, an open glove; he turns, watching Shill, and, after some seconds, hugs her and screams with joy: “Shill! Beauty! How long!.”
Then he sees me and, with repulsion, says: “AH! The hell is this?” Then he looks to the other: “The rest of the group isn’t better.”
After few introductions Shill, the man, called Frume, and Elora start to play with the axes.
I only have the time to look around and a young man, with a violet doublet that recalls Frume’s one, probably equal in age with me, moves closer to Frume and whispers something to him.
“Good! It’s dinner time!” Exclaims the man and he makes a sign, exhorting us to follow him in the  part of the
inn where there are doors and curtains. We enter in a room and, sitting on a chair, there’s Leosin in front of a lavishly decked table; near him a half-orc with contrite expression.
Leosin_01“Welcome to you all. I’m glad you’re here, even if not all of you.” He takes a sigh. “Frume is part of the Order of the Gauntlet. It’s a chivalric organisation based on the concepts of Order and Justice. I belong, instead, to another group that tries to halt the dragon cult: The Harpers. We chased the cult’s movements up to here. Until now they tried to create undead dragons but they also started, recently, to pray Tiamat. We aren’t able to understand why but they’re collecting an enormous treasure and what happened in Greenest is repeating in other places.”
“How enormous is this treasure? 10’000 coins?” Asks Elora.
“Good question.” Says Leosin. “We don’t know, we must investigate more and it is what I ask you to do. Tiamat Cult is moving toward Baldur’s Gate: if you depart soon you’ll arrive earlier than them.”
He describes Baldur’s Gate as a city where moving is very difficult, because it is made of alleys and bottlenecks and it is impossible to transport anything without using companies of transport.
“You must not to interfere or blow your cover …” He interrupts himself and points at the half-orc. “… Mhurren here worked in Baldur’s Gate before and he knows the city, he’ll be useful. Go there, try to understand if you can infiltrate.”
I look at the orc with fear: I clearly remember that a group of orcs destroyed the place where I lived when I was only a child and they killed my mother.
I cannot forget.
Miri, we must go and prepare ourselves.” Says Lei with gentle voice while Elora talks with Leosin.
After some purchases we starts our journey on a boat, sailing on the river.
During the three days we spend on the boat I think about my past. I was five years old when the orcs raided the village where I lived with my mother.The Wheel of Fortune
Savannah, my mother.
Black long hairs, deep green eyes and a tired smile on her face.
She was a fortune teller and taught me the secrets of the tarot cards since I was a little child: the deck of tarots I have with me is the one she used herself.
I extract the cards from my bag, brushing against the Book my Patron gave me and an enchanting warmth propagate through my arm, and I extract one tarot to predict my future.
The Wheel of Fortune. It symbolizes change, fate and the interchange of lifecycle: the wheel is turning and I don’t have to hold on to the past.
It’s a strange omen: does it concern our new companion? Or my Patron?
I’m so confused and I’ve the clear sensation that all these events are out of my hands.

Before entering in Baldur’s Gate we disguise ourselves and follow Mhurren to his contact while Geralt leaves us for a couple of hours. We arrive to a small shop and wood smell invests us as soon as we enter along with the sound of strong hits: it’s a place where carts are fixed.
“Are you Akin?” Asks Mhurren to the man behind the counter.
“Who’s looking for him?” the other replies with a suspicious gaze.
“Friends.” Declares Shill, showing her holy symbol to the man. “You have information about a caravan we’re looking-“
“I know nothing.” He interrupts Shill and greets a customer who’s leaving the shop.
“I need more information: describe me this group and I’ll try to collect tips.”
We depict him the caravan of the cult, the cultists and Rezmir and the man, Selebor, gives us the address to a place where we can stay. Geralt returns and says he has no news or important information.
The next day a message for us arrives: I tried to talk at the Gates. No news. Stay inside the inn and don’t do anything to make yourselves recognizable.
Geralt and Mhurren decide to go outside to reap information; Mhurren, after a couple of hours returns without anything and, some seconds later, a young boy enters in the inn and says: “Selebor has news.”

baldur_s_gate_bridgeHe doesn’t add anything else and leaves the place.
We leave a message for Geralt to the Widow Elpenn, the owner of the inn, and we rush to the shop: in the back shop Selebor reports what he discovered. “I’ve got some information: yesterday night arrived the caravan you were looking for. At the gate they saw the half dragon with a big security detail. The convoy entered, was parceled and the Pomegranate S.A. company took the single packs; it has the order to take and bring them to the north gate where another convoy will be assembled. There will be recruit mercenaries to protect the convoy.”
“Maybe we can infiltrate as mercenaries. Selebor, can you tell us how we can do this?” Asks Shill.
After receiving all information we return to the inn where Geralt is.
“I talked with some friends of mine and they can help us making chaos-“ Elora interrupts the genasi: “It isn’t a good idea! We must stay in the shadow, there’s no need to cause chaos!” She’s very upset.
“My friends will do this! We only have to await and save the convoy… It’s simple!”
Geralt and Elora proceed to argue while I and the others go to our room.

Some hits against the door wake me up, then someone whispers: “I’m the Widow Elpenn, there’s a visit for you.” Mhurren opens the door and behind the woman Selebor with something in his hands.
“She came to my shop, arriving on a sedan chair. She commissioned me five carts and to bring them to the north gate. The carts are marked with the symbol of my shop, a golden A and S. The carts will depart the day after tomorrow. You must find an employment within tomorrow.”

Baldurs gateAll manner of living beings flood in the north gate!
We go around and see a lot of people: a man, similar to a flea-bitten bear, loading two carts and barking vulgar orders; another man is burdening a single cart with beer barrels; forward a female elf with silver hair has a cart filled with exotic wood and she scream, hysterical, to her subordinates.
Mhurren talks to the first man and asks him: “Where is the convoy going?”
“Do you want a job? The hiring hall is there.” The man points at a small building.
Feeling ashamed we enter in the little office and a woman with long, violet hair greets us.
After some disagreements Mhurren is employed as personal guard for the first man we saw, Achreny Ulyeltin; Shill is assigned as general guard. Geralt became personal guard of the elf with the beer barrels, Beyed Sechepol and Lei obtains a contract with the silver haired elf; Elora is refused and she destroys the office door, leaving the place.
I obtain a contract as team captain, despite my young age and my nature.
I can’t hide I’m a little frightened but I must do this for Greenest!

To be continued.

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