SoB_42: Titus Geminus Donar Firestorm

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Titus Geminus Donar Firestorm

Drawn from: “A look upon the Noble Families of the Empire”

by Barden, Wizard and Imperial Historian

Imperial Library, Thyatis City, 1012 A.C.

The Firestorm Family

FirestormheraldyWe could say that the Firestorm House is a young noble family with regard to the long history of the Thyatian nobility, since they are participating to the nobility chessboard only by 50 years or so. The first member of this Family in the annals of the Empire was Modhi Firestorm, he and his son Donegal moved to the Empire from the city state and former colony Oceansend.

Modhi Firestorm is none other, in fact, than the brother of our beloved Emperor Thincol Thorion I; he and his son entered into the service of the then Great Gladiator, during the war between Thyatis and Alpathia (959-962 AC), just at the dawn of His Imperial Majesty rise as our present-day Emperor. Modhi Firestorm used his long experience as a dragonhunter during the penultimate great war between the empires of Thyatis and Alpathia and in the subsequent years, to pursue a fierce hunt of the knights of the Order of the White Dragon.

During the years of service under the glorious imperial army flag, Donegal met and became a close friend with the then Duke Stephan Karameikos III, perhaps another reason why Donegal sought and obtained from the Emperor a territory he could shape to his likings, at his father’s death in 967 AC. The Emperor named him Grand Duke in 970 AC and He entrusted him the territory still known today as the Grand Duchy of Westrourke, located in the western part of the Dawn Isle.

For the next 35 years Donegal governed with wisdom and justice the Grand Duchy; despite his absolute loyalty to the Empire, which he still attempts to reconcile with his search for autonomy, Donegal has never forgotten his father’s teachings and the ancient origins of his Family. The history of the Firestorms is, in fact, very old and prestigious. They belong to the lineage of the ancient “Wyrm Hunters of Norwold.”

Donegal Firestorm married Myria Geminus in 974 AC and they had 4 children in the following years.


  • Modhi Firestorm (905-967 AC)

Great leader and Dragon hunter

  • Grand Duke Donegal Firestorm (945-1005 AC)

Great leader, Dragon hunter, first Grand Duke of Westrourke, killed during the fall of Newkirk by the Alphatian army.

  • Myria Geminus Firestorm (955-1005 AC)

Wife of the Grand Duke Donegal, killed during the fall of Newkirk, along with her husband.

  • Grand Duke Thrainkell Firestorm (979 AC-alive)

Firstborn of the Grand Duke Donegal and present-day Grand Duke of Westrourke, Cleric of Vanya: he reconquered the Grand Duchy, he rebuilt the capital Newkirk and he rules wisely as his father, but with a strong independent spirit.

  • Holva Firestorm (981 AC-alive)

Duchess of Westrourke, wife of the Grand Duke Thriankell and retired adventuress since she married.

  • Alena and Shiria Firestorm (983 AC-alive/983-1005 AC)

Second born of the Grand Duke Donegal and twin sisters, they are in Newkirk till its fall, during which one of them (Shiria) vanishes and she is still presumed dead today, the other one (Alena) escaped the same fate and still lives at the court: recent rumors assure her next marriage to a scion of the Drakon House.

  • Titus Geminus Donar Firestorm (987 AC-alive)

Third son of Grand Duke Donegal, cleric of Thor, as yet little of sure is known about him, the only sure information is that he fought under the banner of the Grand Duke / King Stephan Karameikos III, foiling the threat of the self-styled Black Queen; today we know that he still travels with his group of friends and that, according to the older brother, he never abandoned the dragon hunters family tradition and he is still looking for those few knights of the white dragons scattered throughout the world.


About Titus

Titus Fireforge

Drawn from a letter of his sister Alena “My dear friend Clelia” (1003 AC)

My dear friend, you confessed me that you want to know more about my brother, you took a glimpse of him during the last party here at the palace, I can tell you … my brother is quite high (5’ and 11’’) as the rest of our family in fact, he took his beautiful blue eyes from our grandfather, the legacy of our northern origins. He took the raven hair of our mother, contrary to us, even though the copper shades are typical of the family. He is all brawn and he spends many hours training; you know he grew up in the fort of Redstone, under the farsighted leadership of General Harantius Lycrandronion and our elder brother, Thrainkell.

For this reason too he grew up and matured a lot faster than us and definitely with a much less marked concept of the nobility. Surrounded as he was by rough soldiers and servants and in an environment in which  values like honor and bravery in combat were more important and respected, compared to the mere noble rank, he gained a propensity to judge people based upon their worth.

Personality Traits:

“Despite my noble birth, I do not place myself above other folk. We all have the same blood”

Hardened in the army and fascinated since childhood by the legends and deeds of the northern warriors, always ready for battle, he developed a strong sense of loyalty and a love for their culture and their traditions. With chagrin of our brother, cleric of Vanya, he undertook the clerical career, devoting himself to the worship of the Immortal Thor.

The first years of service at our local church formed his character and spirit and Titus made his own its mandates and rules:


“Anything that goes against the dictates of Thor is dishonorable. A disgrace that should fall upon me, would also fall upon my family. Nothing is worse than a dishonored family!”

Bonds of the Church of Thor

  • To withdraw from combat is a dishonorable action
  • never betray the trust of your own lord and allies
  • never leave unpunished a wicked deed
  • loyalty to the state
  • respect the traditions
  • respect the Immortals (especially Thor and his allies)
  • respect the ancestors
  • respect the others


“It is my duty to protect and defend my subordinates, friends and companions”


Excerpt from Titus’ memories

(Unknown day) Kaldmont 1003: It’s now several weeks that we are traveling and I do not know why my brother wanted to send me with his men. I understand that the rumors of a Knight of the Order of the White Dragon, a refugee in the Principalities of Glantri, are important: it is a coveted prey for my father and my brother. I also understand the need to act quickly, and without adequate preparation. What I personally do not understand – I believe the risks are too high – is an expedition in that “kingdom”, faraway and notoriously hostile to clerics.

Avitus, the chief huntsman of my brother made us hide anything that might make expose us, but without my sacred symbol and my family ring I feel almost naked. The sword that he gave me after is certainly not the weapon I feel more comfortable with. Avitus, however, says it is just to make me look like a warrior, like him and the other men of the expedition. On the other hand my trusty hammer is hooked to my back; I feel comfort whenever I sense its presence. Then there is the gift of Woltan, my teacher. It is a small sacred symbol of Thor that I keep hidden in a secret pocket at my belt.

(Unknown day) Nuwmont 1004: For several days we move in the north of the Principalities; it seems strange that a knight in the company of a dragon may be hiding in the Aalban’s lands, without having aroused suspicion. Prince Von Drachenfels rules the Principality and he is too a renowned hunter of dragons. However, our sources of information are reliable.

We discovered hidden castle ruins in the bush of the mountains north-west of the village of Graez. We’re watching it since last night and we have seen immediately that there is something strange nearby. At first it seemed deserted but then strange sightings began. Avitus is convinced that this is definitely the place …

Something strange is going on, a sudden commotion by several men accompanied by magical beasts that apparently don’t notice us, and they head into the building, almost as wanting to assail it. For Avitus we must not miss this opportunity. We rush too into the building.

Screams, battle cries. Soon I find myself with tattered clothes and torn armor. How hard it was to kill that son of a dog! I leave behind the dead body of the man and head towards some shadows that move from one place to another. I only hear Avitus screaming. Then I see it: he is surrounded. With him a never seen creature! I’ve never seen in fact a being like it: it has the face of a dragon, but it is not one of them. He is surrounded too, it seems beaten but then I see him charge our common enemies screaming loudly “FOR SHANGO !!!”

 By Woltan’s teachings I know it’s one of the many names of Thor. As I learn later it is the name used by the natives of The Serpent Peninsula. At that time, the words of my teacher come back to my mind “you will face a very difficult choice in the course of your trip.”

Now it seem to be the right moment: I cannot abandon a son of Thor to that fate: “FOR THE THUNDERING THOR !!!”

sacred hammerMy hammer strikes with ease the skull of one of these assailants, killing him instantly, but the assailants continue to come out from all sides. I shot down over them hammer blows and lightning and thunder, fighting my way up to Avitus and I am able to heal him. But then we are surrounded and overwhelmed. I see the men of my brother fall one by one until a well-aimed blow to the head makes me lose consciousness. I sink into the darkness, and before losing consciousness I think the end for me.

(Unknown day and month 1004): But after an indefinite time I awake. It is the mysterious being. It has a humanoid body, but golden scales and reptilian traits similar to those of a lizard man. It seems in fact a cross between a man and a dragon, and I would think it was if I knew that similar creatures exist. It is not so. I’ve never heard of it. And we often speak of dragons, in my family. He says his name is Thoragon. I discover soon that we are in a prison, probably in Ritterburg. A pity, if it is so, my fate is sealed. Burned alive at the stake: this is the end that in the Principalities is reserved for the clergy of any faith and religion.

A shameful end, it would have been better to fall in battle.

In the early hours of captivity I heal Thoragon. Within hours between us grows a special bond, one of those capable to stand the trial of time. On the contrary, I have no news of my men. The few voices that come to me are not reassuring.


You will discover later that they were all killed, in the clash or later, so you’re the only one who knows of the mission. This is not the shame that could ruin your family but it is the danger that your mission may represent for the fragile alliance Thyatis-Principalities, ahead of the war with Alphatia. If it was known that the grandnephew of the Emperor goes around killing people in the Principalities (Glantrian perspective) a small scandal could arise. Although it is true that Glantri needs more the support of the Empire, than vice versa, it maybe the Glantrians that fear more than the news will spread.

A few days later me and Thoragon witnessed an incredible scene. A man, bearded and green-skinned appeared out of nothing in an adjoining cell. He spoke for a while with the old man imprisoned there, then a flash and a kind of a tall warrior with the symbol of the crow in his robe came out of a mirror-shield. The old man traded his place entering in the mirror. Then the two men disappeared, but not before the man with green skin fixed his gaze upon us for long moments.

It has been a few days ago .. it’s hard to say here, immersed in the dark, but the green-skinned man is back. He said his name is Rheddrian and, after an incredible story, he had a proposal for us that in no case we could refuse.


Many months later…

… it’s been a long time since we returned to Thyatis, I was able to inform my brother of the failure of the mission, he said he will try to discover who would have interest in betraying us and to bring out a possible scandal, it will be difficult, our father says there are rumors of a war and he advised me to stay away from the Principalities and the Empire too for the moment.

7 Fyrmont 1005: Rheddrian contacted us, a group of adventurers who is helping him has had some problems, we have to jump right into the magic circle, it will take us as close as possible to the group …

8 Fyrmont 1005: a moment before we were Thyatis and now we are in Kelvin … the center of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos … I had never seen such a powerful magic, fast and precise but now we have something to do according to Rheddrian’s information. We have to head north along the river, we have already made arrangements, we will depart tomorrow morning before dawn with our journey.

9 Fyrmont 1005: it’s several hours that we are sailing to meet, I can’t wait to meet this group … who knows what happened to them … it does me good to be back in action, I follow the advice of my brother and I can repay my debt of honor with Rheddrian … and who knows, maybe something good can come out of it.

To be continued.

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