SoB_41 – Thoragon: Background & Statistics

Previously               The Beginning of the Story

NAME: Xi’trixsis Guhul Saakhar called Thoragon

RACE AND PROFESSION: Magical Oddity, with blood of Dragons and Lizardmen (Dragonbord D&D 5th Ed. stats)

Note: Dragonborns DO NOT exist in Mystara but magical incidents happen. Another possibility is an experiment, often an unwise one (like the Nithians, creators of the Gnolls). We will not unveil, for now, the true origin of Thoragon; stay tuned and, in time, you will know about it!

CLASS: Barbarian (Pact of the Berserker)

PERSONALITY TRAITS: I feel far more comfortable around animals than people.

IDEALS: Might. The strongest are meant to rule.

BONDS: I will bring terrible wrath down upon the evildoers who hurt the people who are dear to me.

FLAWS: Don’t expect me to save those who can’t save themselves. It is nature’s way that the strong thrive and the weak perish.




My egg has hatched and grew into the tribe of Sa’xa’trxixs of the lizard men of the Serpent Peninsula.

My looks always seemed different from that of my other “brothers”. The scales of a strange metallic golden color, tailless but one-third taller than the rest of the brood. The first instinct of my clan was to suppress me but I almost severed a finger to whom tried to grab me with the intention to kill me.

They allowed me to live for the surprising aggressiveness, and it was clear that I had to fight for everything in this world.

My development was incredibly fast, a few days and I was standing on my feet and I was separated from my brothers to prevent me to eat them … another important lesson learned … in life I was to be alone.

At 3 years old, I was over 4’ and 7’’. My development and ferocity aroused interest and admiration but also fear and contempt, and no one approached me. I learned to take care of myself and get me what I needed or wanted.

thoragon2At 10, I was old enough to stand the test of initiation and become a warrior in the presence of the tribal chief and Shango (Thor). The test consists in a clash between two groups of aspiring warriors in a closed arena.

Only the strongest will become warriors, for the others submission to life or exile, in some cases death. He should have been my day, I would become a warrior and I would get the respect I deserved.

Unfortunately, the others feared me too and the plan was to eliminate immediately the bigger threat. Even those who in the clash should have been in my faction turned their weapons against me. Surrounded, I learned a new lesson: when pressed I do the worst of me.

lizardmenOverwhelmed by a rage that I had never felt before, the awareness left the place to instinct and fury. My goal was not to become a warrior, it was to bring down all my enemies, and, for the first time, my gaping maw spat fire and flames. Before the onlookers could realize what was going on, I had burned alive six of my opponents, two others had somehow avoided the worst and I fell them with my claws. The rest fled. Before I could kill the cowards too, the warriors of my clan immobilized me. They wanted to kill me, but they feared the wrath of Shango, now that I was in all respects a warrior. No one could say that I did not win my fight. The exile was my destiny.

I lived in the jungle for the next 5 years, wandering and trying to forget who had driven me away, surviving as an animal. I captured my preys and devoured them on the spot and I slept on the cold stone.

However, one day, I went too close to lands ruled by humans, the news of a terrible creature who wandered in the jungle quickly spread, and one day a group of hunters surrounded me. They were many, well trained and equipped, but I was alone and with only a club with the jaw of a crocodile tied at an end at my disposal. In short, they caught me but more than one paid dearly the price for my capture.

They forced me to fight displaying me like an animal, with chained feet and hands. We passed through many lands.

One day, however, the name of Man Dragon of the Serpent Peninsula caught the attention of Prince Von Drachenfels, who, hearing about “this mysterious creature” decided to free me up paying a huge ransom to my captors.

Prinz Jaggar von Drachenfels, Commander of the Glantri Army

Prinz Jaggar von Drachenfels, Commander of the Glantri Army

ThoragonReached Aalban, for the first time in my life they treated me with the respect I deserved. The Prince gave me accommodation and food aplenty and I never heard the clink of chains afterwards. The Prince did not seem to want anything from me. However, a beautiful a prison is a prison anyway and I was still a caged beast. The Prince was very interested about my origins, kept asking me details about the place where my tribe lived, about how I was born. I had no reason not to disclose this information if that was enough to keep the chains off me. When he watched me, I did not see fear nor disdain in his eyes but rather curiosity and admiration. He treated me with respect, taught me his language and the way of life of his people. I felt my anger fade into me. I learned to hide my looks to move among humans.

However, I soon realized that his eyes were hiding something else. He was a powerful wizard, and I began to suspect that, he had something to do, or that he knew the cause of my nature. Therefore, I started to collect information. One day I walked into a room that seemed an old warehouse … and everything was clear. Skulls, bones and … dragon eggs meticulously cataloged next to those of many other reptiles. He was just using me to increase his own power or my existence too was due to his lust for power. I was again full of anger. Two young wizards paid the price … I fled. When his men were upon me to bring me back I gave vent to my fury, and I would certainly have died fighting, when a lone warrior threw himself against my many opponents. In a short time, we won but the Prince found us and a single nod of his hands was enough to make me lose consciousness.

When I woke up I was seriously injured but still alive! I was in a dark, damp cell … a bit like the den in which I had lived in the jungle when I was exiled … but … I was back in chains. Bound hand and feet and hung on the wall. A blind fury seized me. However, despite my efforts, the chains were well forged … a good thing because I was not alone in the cell, the stranger who had helped me was there as well. He watched me impressed and almost amused, although I noticed his concern when one of the strains seemed to give way. Then the darkness enveloped me again.

Ritterburg in Aalban

Ritterburg in Aalban

When I woke up a large part of my injuries had healed, but the chains were always there, I could not move. My cellmate began to speak … he said his name was Titus something … a long name like the story of my life. He told me of himself, of who he was and where he came from, I did not follow them a lot, a great string of names and places that I’ve never heard, but apart from the Prince, no one else had ever dwelt in such a conversation with me (not that I could escape). A bit at a time I began to talk to him about me, in the end, if he had not helped me I would probably be dead by now … and, on top of that, he paid with his freedom for helping me. … I will repay my debt, I swear!

Untold time went on in the shadows of the cells. Titus continues to tell me about him … then something happened, I heard footsteps approaching, the voice of a dying man then silence. Someone appeared in the cell. My chains broken, and suddenly the cool night air on my face. Free again! Titus is on my side, and a mysterious individual who has set us free.

To be continued.

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