SoB_33b: Glimreen Lodestar: Background & Statistics

NAME: Glimreen Lodestar
RACE AND PROFESSION: Gnome (Serrainian Skygnome), Tinker Sage
CLASS: Warlock (Pact of the Old One)
PERSONALITY TRAITS: I am glad and proud of my ability to easily make friends but ashamed of my physical frailness: it will be probably impossible for me to be a Top Ballista!
IDEALS: Never harm innocents, nor cause troubles! Learn and remember history, use knowledge, magic, inventions to support your own society.
BONDS: Serraine is my entire family: I have plenty of strange friends there, the weirdest a skull druji, some sphinxes and a Cloud Giant!
FLAWS: I am easily distracted by books, magic and technology, even at risk of my own security. I may become violent against those who destroy books or technology.



Glimreen is Apprentice Librarian in the Grear Library of Serraine and he is specialized in Gnomish History.
“The triumph and glory of the city, the Great Library soars 280 feet into the air with its 14 floors, and 50 feet down into the sublevels and basements (the west and east wings rise only 120 feet but have 50 foot deep basements). It is a repository of knowledge probably unparalleled in the Known World, because it has been all over it. Collected here are evidence and records first hand: books, scrolls, papyruses, magical talking cylinders, flexible rubbery opaque spheres which telepathically implant knowledge into the reader’s brain (and, for the fiendish DM, who knows what else … ), crystal balls with implanted programmed illusions which give the equivalent of modern video lessons, and many other strange and wonderful forms. It goes without saying that the librarians here have developed an index so complete that it requires an entire level (the ground level) to itself. The librarians are mostly venerable gnomes. It takes 70 years of training to qualify. The head librarian, Matazumi, is a druj, a strange and disturbing undead entity.” – PC2 – Top Ballista

Glimreen appeared as a NPC in several posts before starting his adventuring career along with the heroes of the Shield of Benekander campaign. Always the odd gnome out among the followers of the enigmatic magician Rheddrian, he is haunted, followed and helped by an ancient and mysterious patron … an Ancient One that seems to know many things about Rheddrian, even though the powerful Wizard know nothing about Him.

If you want to know more of Glimreen, read about his introductory posts:






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