From the Chronicles of Anankis Miri

…EPISODE III: DRAGON HATCHERY (Part 2)     ¦     The Beginning of the Story

A tragic event


“We must follow her!” Geralt hisses with hate. holeintheground
We look at him for some seconds, then I say: “To Greenest!”
“No! To the trapdoor!” exclaims Geralt.
The silence falls heavy.

I ignore the man and get close to the trapdoor, peeking out: there’s a small passage in the stone, about three meters deep, that continues straight. I go down, after me Geralt: the passage is narrow and dark; it isn’t very long, around two meters, then it widens in an ambient with a trembling light.
I peer out on the room: it is lighten up by two lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

“It’s useless to hide, I know you’re there!” A raspy and deep voice rumbles: “COME ON! I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!”

I know this voice: he’s Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, the dragonborn.

qTnfeGeralt, hiding near me, gaze at me, doubtful; it seems that he wants to ask me what to do but he hasn’t time to do it: Shill runs towards the room, taking us by surprise.

When the paladin enters in the room Langdedrosa has a surprised surge: “Ah! You survived! I don’t know if I’m more startled or more regretful.”

Near the dragonborn there are two men: he growls against them: “SHE’S MINE!”. They nod, afraid.
Behind him Frulam is trying to hide herself.

Suddenly I use my powers to create a ghostly, skeletal, hand that hits Frulam and clings her; simultaneously Geralt shoots an arrow, striking the woman, who scream, in pain: “Langdedrosa, I’m behind you because you have to protect me!”


Shill gets close to the dragon man and he attack her twice with a greatsword: luckily he miss her one time.

Frulam creates a spectral halberd, because she cannot heal herself thanks to my spell, and the two barbarians start to growl and drool: the biggest one setting on Zeed, the other against Geralt.

Shill is able to hit the creature a couple of times but he always reacts and gives her back some blows..


“MY QUEEN SENDS HER SPIRITS TO PROTECT ME!” Frulam voice breaks the silence: immediately hundred of black spirits cover the woman: Zeed try to strikes her but the spirits and a powerful axe blow from one barbarian fell down the poor half bird man.

Zeed! Lei, hurry!” Screams Geralt before shooting an arrow against Frulam; the cleric runs to Zeed but the black spirits circle the man on the ground, preventing the woman to get close and help him.

Langdedrosa laughs with mockery; after this the rage fills up my mind and body and, with a powerful beam of energy, I kill the dragonborn that collapses on the ground with a surprised look and a strangled scream: my body fills up with pleasure; the burns on my entire body became brighter, like they’re made of pure fire.

In my mind something shouts with joy.

Frulam runs away to save her own life and we don’t follow her: all of us assemble around Zeed and Lei shakes her head, sorrowful.

Zeed is dead.

A brave man and the craziest friend I’ve ever met died.

My fury dies out watching this scene: no one says anything, we’re too upset.

Shill searches on Langdedrosa‘s dead body and starts to take the dragonborn great sword and his armor; I look around the room: it was enlarged and reshaped, floors and three walls were polished, stalactites and stalagmites were smoothed and shined. The air in the room is hot and wet.

The walls are incised with dragons whose tails are intertwined.

In the north corner a creature prevails: a dragon with five heads emerges from a erupting volcano; other dragons seem to revere her. In front of this picture there’s a wooden chest with silver and mother-of-pearl inlay works: Geralt comes closer and observe the chest with a lot of interest.

“I have a bad feeling about the lock of this strongbox…” Says Geralt.

“Maybe we can take it to Greenest and, then, open it there with more calm.” I suggest, moving closer to the man.

“Yes, it’s a good idea.” He nods, taking the chest and lifting it up: a mechanic noise and a hissing sound, that remind us snakes whistle, resound in the room. All of a sudden, from minuscule pinholes in the walls, a lot of gas pours out and covers all of us; we cough, intoxicated and Lei, Geralt and Elora fall on the ground, the gas starts to subside on the floor, transformed in acid.

gas trap

“I take Elora and Lei, you must think to Geralt, can you?” Screams Shill, her breath broken by coughs.

“Yes!” I answer, covering my mouth and nose with my clothes, and I run toward Geralt: thankfully his face is already protected by his own mask and I can drag him to the exit of the room, where there aren’t gas or acid.
I look at Shill, at the bottom of the room with Lei and Elora’s bodies in her hands and I also see Zeed body consumed by acid: it’s too much and I look away, in pain.

– – –

“Thank to the Gods you’re here!” Tarbaw utters with joy.
“It’s a pleasure to be here again. Unfortunately one of us perished-“ The governor interrupts me: “Zeed?”
I sadly nod, something tight in my throat.
“He’ll have a great function in Chauntea Church tomorrow.” Declares Tarbaw.
“I want to pay his gravestone. Zeed helped us a lot, it’s the only thing I can do for him now.” Says Geralt looking at the governor with his blue eyes.
Tarbaw nods and, then, we report what we found in the cave: I show him the map where Greenfield is drawn and the draw of an arrow starts from Greenest and goes to the north; I also show the other documents we took with us.
“I’m in debt with you all. I want you to accept these 300 gold coins as thanks.” He puts in my hands a heavy bag.
“I cannot accept. Use this money for Greenest: the city needs it more than us.” I exclaim, resolute, staring at him with my white eyes.
Miri, the city is recovering now. I know how much you love Greenest but my desire is to give these money to you all. Please, accept them.”
Me and the governor proceed to discuss and, in the end, I accept 150 gold coins: “We take 150 coins, use the other for Greenest, to help our citizens.”

129governorTarbaw smiles with resignation and thanks us all.
We’re again in Greenest: in the end Shill saved Elora and Lei while Geralt, after recovering his senses, took the chest with him, brought it here. After a short rest he opens it, founding a pearls necklace, some precious gems and a gold ring with a sapphire.
“The necklace and the ring! I already saw them!” I exclaim, taking them in my hands. “These things belong to a family I often saw in Chauntea Church during the functions. We must give back them to the owners.”
First Shill, than the others agree with my words: in few minutes we arrive to a stately home and a man receives us. We return the necklace and the ring to him, who thanks us a lot with gentle words.

The next morning we attend at Zeed funeral: despite he wasn’t from Greenest a lot of people are present, first of all Tarbaw, then Escobert and other guards and a lot of citizens. They’re all here to greet Zeed for the last time.
The priest pronounces the homily and I observe my companions: Geralt is inscrutable, his blue eyes stares at Zeed gravestone, finely decorates with feathers and two eagle wings enclose Zeed’s name; Lei prays with fervor near the priest of Chauntea while Shill looks in front of her, fiery, the regret on her face. Elora is in the back of the small cemetery, distant from the people, hiding herself and her sorrow for the death of the man who helped her to save the citizens captured in the mill.
I’m near Kuth and Linan, shocked by the situation.

Zeed's memorial, shrouded in mist and quiet ...

Zeed’s memorial, shrouded in mist and quiet …

The ceremony finish and, slowly, all of us greet Zeed: I’m the last one and quietly I say: “Bye Zeed. Thank you for everything you did for Greenest and for us. We will not be forget you and, be sure, I’ll avenge you. I promise: if I’ll return in Greenest alive I’ll take you fresh flowers and I’ll talk to you everyday. Please, protect us all during our journey.”
I return to my friends: now we must go to Leosin.

To be continued.

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