MAPS for B10 conversion to D&D 5e:

Due to many other things we publish, we slowed down a bit our production of maps, but we didn’t stop it!

We published some of them recently, in our Download section and we ask you to subscribe to download them: they are complete and, as usual, absolutely free!

A classic PC Map for B10

A classic PC Map for B10 – greatly reduced size

This time our module of reference was B10 – Night’s Dark Terror, one of the most beautiful Basic ones, in our opinion, but we didn’t draw all the maps, for now, only the one we need for playing: it is MAP K – Eastern Karameikos (pull-out sheet in B10).

The original map is quite unusual and I like it a lot: a black-green one, with a mixture of hex and hand drawn parts, that I would be unable to reproduce correctly (I draw like a 6 years old child … a untalented to be more specific …).

An hint of the original B10 map

An hint of the original B10 Map K

So I decided for my usual full hex and full color map but I had to add a little bit (I invented in a “rational” way the terrain under the B10 map clouds) and chanscaleged the scale, from 3 miles hex to 1.5 miles hex: the reason for this is that I need a smaller scale not to loose too many details in the shape of the mountains and I wanted to keep a simple scale for travel purposes. In D&D 5e all travels are easy to calculate, in hex maps, with a scale of multiples or submultiples of 3 miles per hex.

If you never played the B10 module our advice is, no, not to play it now but to wait for our own conversion! A few months, not weeks, though … As we said it is not a BIG promise and so on, we are playing it and we do the conversion for ourselves: if you follow us with attention (thank you!) we already have seen that we use this map to track our progress in the Shield of Benekander campaing (POV 24 and following; e.g. POV 30).

B10 Map new

A detail of our own DM Map K (almost) replica

We used 4 different icon sets in Hexographer to draw the PC Map (major communities, roads, rivers only) and the DM Map (with all the secret locations): you will find them as .png files, pick the one it suits you better. You can see a comparison in the 4 kind of icons in the first picture on the top.

You could or should give a PC Map to your players (it is conceivable they can find one in Kelvin) and let them draw/write for themselves the new location. You could even take the Hexographer map (see later) and save it as a .png, without any name of towns, rivers and so on and let your PCs write all! Off course if they are the kind that appreciate these things …

A minimalistic DM Map for B10.

A minimalistic DM Map for B10 – greatly reduced size.

In addition to these similar 8 maps, we give to you the original map in Hexographer and two transparent layers containing information for the PC Map (a part for the geographical background, e.g. names and roads) and the DM Map (all secret locations). With these three files you can create the same map that we use to track our progress through the adventure.

trasnparent layer

trasnparent layer

Please tell us if you use our maps in your campaign too!





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