SoB_Chapter IV: 30 The Golden Statue.

Previously               The Beginning of the Story

Night’s Dark Terror

 18 FELMONT OF 1005 AC


 Black Stallion“You see them too?” Stoik was beside Marjana as he noticed that the girl watched the three wild horses following them since at least a hour, at a safe distance, riding from a crest to the other of the hills to their left.

“Yes” the young girl just nodded.

“Huh?” urged the elf.

“It’s strange. I mean the black stallion. It is somewhat different. I feel it.” The druid dropped the discussion and it was evident for Stoik that she didn’t want to speak with him. Therefore he preferred to leave her deep in her thoughts. She was a curious girl. Then he joined Tiberius who was guiding the group with long and sure strides.

“What do you think of this story? The story of the Old Man and the statue.” His eyes rested for a moment on the beautiful face of the goddess with the eagle’s wings. Tiberius looked back at him and waited for a moment before giving voice to his doubts and his thoughts.

“I think that the right thing to do is to bring the statue back in the mine, where it was found. According to the Seer it depicts the goddess Maat, an ancient and powerful goddess. The gnomes who found and then donated it to the Vyalias must somehow have drawn the ire of the goddess, her curse. That hit the elves themselves but especially the Ilyas, making them mad and aggressive.”

“And the undead that infested the sanctuary of the Lake of Lost Dreams?” asked Brannart, who had followed the discussion from a few steps away. The hatred and terror of the Klantyre man for the undead was something tangible.

“No, I think they have nothing to do with the statue. Also, according to the Seer, Maat is not an Immortal of Entropy. I believe that her curse is confined to the folly of the Ilyas and the melancholy of the elves. I am sure however that the horde of undead skeletons and the two demons of stone were tied to the obsidian, mirror, within which the Seer had been imprisoned.”

“I wouldn’t want to stop the merry discussion but I’m afraid I’m unable to maintain any longer the floating disk. Even the Shield of Benekander has its limitats!” Polemically muttered Adrik, which followed them squatting lazily on the magical disc that, in addition to him, was holding the golden statue of the goddess.

Tiberius and Brannart consulted briefly with Vaeris, which was already scouting the area to locate the most suitable place to mount the camp for the night.

“Here will be fine” stated the Tarastia’s warrior.

– – –

A few hours later, around the fire, it was Stoik to resume the unfinished speech. “The meeting with the Seer was quite an experience ..”

“Speculative!” Adrik chuckled biting into a piece of dried meat that reminded him a lot of the hardened leather soles that Rohan, the shoemaker of Highforge, used to nail under his boots so as they did less noise.

The Callarii elf ignored him deliberately. “What about instead of this Golthar that, according to the old man, stole the Fire Opal [1] [2]  and later imprisoned him in the obsidian mirror?”

“This would explain the presence of the Iron Ring men who tried to stop us, from the beginning of our trip to Sukiskyn” stated Dan, until then aloof and taciturn. “True. But Golthar seems interested more in the search of a silver needle and a skein of gold threads. Do you know something about these objects?” this time it was Marjana to speak.

“Welcome back among us. Your horse friends are gone?” teased Stoik. She did not seem to grasp the Elf’s joke and merely indicate a tall hill that overtopped the others by at least one third of its height. “Look there.”

“What are they?” Brannart asked. The vibration in his voice betrayed the fear for the answer he would soon receive.


“They seem three…” Tiberius stood up for a better look. The full moon was high in the sky and lit up as day the hilly landscape. On the tall hill, one hour away from their camp, clearly stood three tall circular bumps. An angry and evil howling gave the creeps to many of them. “I have a bad feeling about those mounds. Better to rest and recover our forces as soon as possible. Tomorrow we will wake up at dawn and proceed northeast towards the gold mine. Me and Brannart we will have the first watch. You go to sleep.” Tiberius stood up and took shield and spear, heading to the north side of the camp. The others took their leave and headed in their tents. A second howl, this time stronger and nearer, didn’t bode well.    

Unlike his fellows, Stoik didn’t collapse from exhaustion. Indeed, it seemed that the night’s sleep was not so easy to have. He had thought for a moment to go and propose to Tiberius an earlier shift but he was overwhelmed by the curiosity about the ancient statue. It was really nice. Perfectly smooth to the touch and delicate. Well-proportioned and full of details. The people which had built it had to be really proficient in the art of metal casting and in its moulding. He had also noted that it was not a massive golden block. It was a bronze sculpture, hollow inside and externally covered by a layer, thick half an inch, of the purest gold. In any case it should be priceless.


winter wolf“You can’t sleep neither?” the unexpected voice of the dwarf reached his ears. Unbelieably Adrik was able to get close without him noticing. “Really nice, don’t you think?” the dwarf continued regardless of the elf amazement. “I think that only we, of the group I mean, we really understand the uniqueness of this artifact.” The elf realized that the dwarf knew far more than he had hitherto hinted and simply listened to him.

“It belongs to the ancient Nithia. I’m sure, I feel it.” The stubby fingers of Adrik caressed the contour of the goddess as you caresse the face of the beloved one, found again after a long time separation. “The gold mine has to be …” A scream, sharp and sudden, pierced the night. “MARJANA!” said in unison the elf and the dwarf. A howl, atrocious and too close, made them run out of the tent where there was an hell of ice and blood, waiting for them.

After meeting the Seer of the Lake of the Lost Dreams, the PCs know where to go, but they have to stop near three mysterious mounds ...

After meeting the Seer of the Lake of the Lost Dreams, the PCs know where to go, but they have to stop near three mysterious mounds …

To be continued!

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  1. You can see our adaptation work of B7.Rahasia in the download section for more information on the Fire Opal Eye and its twin gem, the Black Opal Eye.
  2. We play several campaigns in Mystara and there is the possibility for crossovers and plot hooks generated from one campaign to another. See for instance in The Eye of Traldar campaign




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