SoB_Chapter IV: 25. The Longest Night

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Night’s Dark Terror

Pyotr Sukiskyn

Pyotr Sukiskyn

“Father, father!” – the young boy was running frantically to the middle aged man, fully dressed in chain mail, shield, sword and long bow, looking to the East clearing. Even a casual onlooker would have seen that the two were closely related, the disheveled hair of the 10-years old boy and the beard and hair of the tall man were of the same shade of red.

“What is it Matvey?” – Pyotr asked to his youngest son.

Taras … sent … me” – he gasped almost breathless. They were using him as a messenger, during this siege at the Sukiskyn farm.

“Breath on and speak! What are the goblins doing right now?” – Pyotr asked, eager to know the news of his firstborn from the gatehouse near the bridge.

“No … not the goblins, dad. Strangers, coming here and fighting the beasts!”

“Quick, let’s go back!”

imagesFrom the gatehouse, Pyotr and the others saw a small group of people, fending through the trail, ambushed by Kloss-lunk [1] goblins, dressed with wolf-skin cloaks and many of them riding dire wolves. The strangers were surprisingly successful, led by two strong men, clad in metal armor: goblins and wolves died by blade and magic, a welcome sight for the defenders, almost chocking in the black smoke from the burning barn and a few other buildings nearby. They were nearing the bridge on the Syereb River, fighting for every inch (“A dwarf using magic? It has to be my lack of sleep …”), 40 yards to the gate … 30 … 20 …

“They can make it out! You, cover them with the bows and, when they are at the gate, open it quickly. When they’re in, shut it immediately! Taras, with me, ready to push a few goblins back.”

Sukiskyn on flames

Stables of Sukiskyn are set on fire by goblins!

The adventurers sprinted inside, followed by a few goblin survivors, quickly repelled out, while the strong oak gate was quickly closed. They were led into the main hall, where they met the entire clan of Sukiskyn and sat on the benches before the long wooden table. A few stuffed animal’s heads and two old but well-made tapestries, decorate the room.

“Welcome, good people, thank you for coming here to help us against the goblins” – said Pyotr, ignoring the puzzled glances of the strangers – “They became bolder in the last weeks: they attacked several times our neighboring communities and, in the last days, they attacked us too,several times. There are simply too many of them in the woods to hunt them all down, we are not fighters, but peaceful people. The Jaggadash [2] goblins already killed two of us and stole many of our horses. Our only hope is to survive until dawn, the goblins should go away then. We are but peasants but we will reward you in any way we can if you help us…”

“We expect no reward! Besides, we are stuck inside with you …” – said a well-dressed elf with a sigh –“My name is Stoik, I and my friends are looking for Stephan Sukiskyn, my people is in the horse trade too and I met him in the past.”

Stephan is my brother but he is in Ilyakana now, one day or so by foot. I am Pyotr Sukiskyn, I lead our small clan. Please meet my family, my wife Darya, my eldest son Taras, my …”

The presentation was short, the newcomers knew that they had a long night before them, among the defenders of the farm: the goblins seemed unusually aggressive and well organized. And, even weirder, there were three tribes of them working together …


Kloss-lunk goblins riding dire wolves

Goblin war songs filled the night but the worst was when they died out … At first there were the random attacks of two different tribes of goblins, the Gnhasska [3] and the, already met, Wolfskull. The Red-blades tried to surprise the defenders with some long-range attacks, to no avail. Then both tribes, together, tried to infiltrate the settlement. They also tried to divert the attention of the defenders and burn down some buildings, all to test the strength of the defenders, with heavy casualties among the goblins but this was only the start!

yellow_goblin_worg_rider_by_bruumbaraztaragOne hour before dawn, all hell broke loose when a horde of dozens Red-blade goblins, headed by King Gnhass, attacked the homestead from the east and the north.

Pyotr coordinated his people, supporting the strangers in any way they could.

“BY TARASTIA’S WILL, FLEE UNHOLY BEASTS!” – cried Tiberius to the goblins, scattering in every directions, mad of terror.

The paladin was well covered by the deadly fire of arrows of Vaeris, from the top of the tall guard tower, the only stone building in the farm. Other Sukiskynians fought ferociously, especially Pyotr and Taras. Those who were unable to fight in melee, used bows and sling against the red mass of the attackers.

Stoik was very effective in breaking down the enemy lines, several times, with his powerful thunderwave spells. A no-quarter and no-prisoner skirmish took the place of the initially organized aggression and the fight continued until both parties were completely worn out.

“Fall back to the main hall, with me my people! Please friends, close the line and protect our females and sons” – Pyotr organized a quick but ordered retreat.

Our heroes and the valiant people of Sukiskyn threw arrows from the windows of the gallery inside the main hall, trying to slow down the Red-blade that tried to enter. Goblins arrows poured inside the room hitting the far wall and, luckily, missing the defenders. Pyotr looked wearily to the tapestry on the left, pierced by three arrows: it showed wild, running horses and it was his favorite one. The one on the right was missed by an inch; it was a family heirloom, with colorful and unintelligible geometric patterns.


Gnhass, the Red-blade king

In the meantime, Gnhass, the Red-blade king, entered the room with his bodyguards and faithful followers. The battle was bloody but quite quick and, miraculously, no one from Sukiskyn died. Stoik gave the final blow to the goblin king, using darts of magical energy. The few Red-blade survivors fled from the massacre, ending the goblin hostilities upon the homestead. The farmers and ranchers of Sukiskyn, surprised to be still alive, greeted the sun of a new day: almost half of the farm burned down, the horses stolen, many household goods lost, but today was another day and, thanks to some foreigners and the Gods, they were still alive !

It really is a long night, full of sweat and blood, red and black ... and fire, a lot of fire! Will they survive from Dusk till Dawn?

It really is a long night, full of sweat and blood, red and black … and fire, a lot of fire! Will they survive from Dusk till Dawn?

To Be Continued..


Cast of Characters


[1] WOLFSKULL [KLOSS-LUNK] – Symbol: Wolf’s head – Features: wear cloacks made of wolf-skin – Weapons: Axes and spears

[2] VIPER [JAGGADASH] – Symbol: Snake – Features: decorate their bodies with tattoos – Weapons: War hammers and daggers

[3] RED-BLADES [GNHASSKA] – Symbol: Bloodied sword – Features: wear red clothing and adorn themselves with red objects of all kinds (feathers, shells, fruit rinds, beads, stones, etc)  – Weapons: Short swords and slings


A useful tactical Map for the siege at Sukiskyn.






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