The Past (Part I)

…EPISODE II: RAIDERS’ CAMP (Part 2)     ¦     The Beginning of the Story


First powers

“Do you know, Anankis, that your powers are a concession of mine?”

My powers.
I clearly remember the first time they arose.

Six years before.

“The tarot cards don’t lie: your future will be glad and full of victories.”Tarots The Devil
“Thank you, Miri. Your predictions are always wonderful!” I make a little smile.
”For you.” The young woman gives me two shiny silver coins.
“Thank you Miss Iriestine! Have a great night!” I smile again to the woman who greets me with her hand: she’s very kind and sweet with me and often she comes to hear my future predictions with the tarot cards.
Now I have seven silver coins and I can buy some food for dinner.
Greenest is marvelous in the twilight: the orange sunshine makes everything sparkle and walking through the small streets to reach the bakery would be great but I can’t.
I’m an orphan and a tiefling. It’s better to move across the shaded alleys, without too many eyes on me: not all peasants accept my nature and I’m scared by them ‘cause I don’t know what they may do to me.
Linan always says I’m special and some people are unable to understand this.
I slowly proceed towards the small bakery, a yellow building filled up with a delicious fragrance of bread: sometimes I help the owners, Oloward and his wife Eilnys, and they give me some slices of cake; my favorite is the cherry pie: it’s so sweet and yummy!
Miri! Here you are!” Oloward, a jovial, bald man, smiles and shakes his right hand to attract my attention.
“Good evening, Oloward. Were you looking for me?” “Hello Miri. Look at this!” He opens a little package, revealing three big buns. “White bread with cheese, your favorite!” He pushes in my hands the pack.
“Thank you! How much is it? I can pay you today.” He shakes his head and smiles more: “How much money do you have?”
I forage in my bag, extracting the seven coins and giving them to him: he takes three coins and says: “Thank you Miri. See you tomorrow!”
“Good night Oloward. Thank you again!” I smile while I’m returning to my shelter, biting one soft bun: it’s still warm and the cheese in it is delicious, almost sweet.

thief_by_thefatalimpact-d71b3d5“What are you doing?” I say looking at the big man who’s trying to sneak in an half-shut window opening on a dark alley.
“What the hell?” He exclaims with a whisper. “What do you want, stupid child?”
“What do you want? This isn’t your home! You’re not from Greenest!”
“Shut up!” He gets close to me, his eyes shine with rage. “You little prick… You’ll rue for this!”
The thief draws a small dagger and jumps on me, trying to pierce me in the chest: I scream in fear, wiggling away from his grab.
“NO! DON’T KILL ME!” I scream, the fear fills up my body and the tears start to fall down on my face.
He laughs cruelly and hurls again on me: I try to escape but he’s faster and blocks me under his own body.
“Now, stupid bitch, you’ll die. None will feel the lack of something like you!”
After this words full of hate someone in my mind starts to scream: “KILL HIM! KILL THIS FOOL HUMAN!”
My body blazes and I’m sure my blood is boiling.
On my skin strange words appear: they tell about an old pact, stronger than life and death, while voices of pain and despair invade my mind.
I cry out my rage against the thief who, panicked, plunges the dagger in my left shoulder: I extend my arms, lead by an unknown force, and hellish flames flow from my hands and envelop the man who screams in pain for some seconds, then falls down, charred, and dies.
“W-What have I done?” I whisper to myself, watching the burnt body that lies on the ground.f_tiefling_jinx2_zpsd70950ae
I observe my hands: they look like always, they’re not burnt or strange.
“What…” “Your real nature.” A voice echoes in my mind.
“Who are you? What do you want from me?” I ask with worry, my voice tone breaks by tears, looking around.
“Finally your powers wake up and you can undertake your path.”
“What? Who are you? What powers? I have no powers! I’m only a fortune-teller like my mother was!”
The voice whisper softly in my head and, suddenly I feel tired.
“Sleep my child. You’ll have all answers in due time.”

Tyranny of Dragons 

To be continued..

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