A survival RPG Kickstarter we like – Era: Survival !

“In the post-apocalyptic world of Gaia, you choose how to survive as the remnants of civilisation slowly crumble around you…”


Hi all!

Today we want to speak to you about a small interesting RPG Kickstarter that we found worthy and that is ending in just a few days!

It is called “Era: Survival Core Rulebook” and published by a London-based small company, Shades of Vengeance, whose motto is:

EraSurvivalmottoWe find the idea quite cool and maybe helpful to other people. They developed, to use their own words, “an easy-to-learn, yet intricate universal game system that is easily tweaked to handle any genre imaginable.”

Another thing the author and indie game creator, Ed Jowett, told us is that he is, in fact, developing the games as a series and wants to continue to do it so these become ever-growing universes to play in. The four games he made so far, all run off the same rule system, which is written in a modular way, so as to freely mix and match rules from one of the games into the others if this suits your taste! They actually tackle Science Fiction, Fantasy, Superhero and Survival Horror, as shown in the, already published, Era: The Consortium [1] and Era: Lyres and the upcoming Era: The Empowered and Era: Survival [2]. We will speak in particular of the last one and its Kickstarter.


The game is a post-apocalyptic one, set in the future, after a parasite almost completely wiped out humanity and the resulting Infection quickly spread everywhere! The parasite or, better, the Parasite can infect not just humans, but many animals too, which become aggressive and attack everything (I imagine them like strongly rabid animals). But there are other bad news too! The Parasite also mutates the infected creature, which grows talons, armored plates, though hide and many other cool things! [Yes, if zombies strike your chords, there is a bit of that too 🙂 ]


There is not a cure for the Infection but there are possibilities (a drug mainly) to temporarily become immune to the contagion. The technology is still present but in a smaller way than today. The humans are few and scattered, like in every good survival film or game and diffused everywhere on Gaia, in guarded, isolated villages, trapped between radioactive and disease-ridden wildernesses. The humans organize themselves very differently from the societies of today (governments collapsed with the spreading of the Parasite) and they are strongly influenced by the Factions, another interesting idea of the game: off course if PCs belong to different factions, they could be allied or otherwise and you have to play the party interests against the Faction interests … There are 13 of them and they will be further developed in future materials!


So, all in all, Era: Survival is an interesting RPG both in rules and setting (nice graphics too I have to add, you can see it for yourself, in the previous pictures and the gallery at the end), an original one to boot, with also the presence of well-known ideas that you can develop and modify very easily. For instance, the origin of the Parasite is left unexplained and you can easily decide if it is a natural occurrence, a bio-created plague (maybe a weapon of old?) or another, more sinister and exotic, idea.


So we suggest that you take a look to this nice project and promising company and, if you like them, support them in these last few days of the Kickstarter!




[1] A small curiosity Ed told us, in his own words is: “My first game, Era: The Consortium provided 500 years of playable history in a Sci-Fi Universe. The Kickstarter did pretty well, and the book has been pretty well received by reviewers and the customers in general.”

[2] A description of the game in Ed’s words: “Era: Survival is my attempt at bringing forward a new aspect on Survival Horror.” He also adds that people that saw the game told me he succeeded in his intent! For he had some nice reviews.

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