From the Chronicles of Anankis Miri

…EPISODE II: RAIDERS’ CAMP (Part 1)     ¦     The Beginning of the Story


We observe better the encampment: two towers stand out against the dark sky, one is placed near the kobolds’ area, the other is diametrically opposed.
In a small portion farther from the other camp areas, there’s a tent, bigger than the others: around a handful of guards and big lizards, similar to that we already defeated but these are twice the size.
The guards seem to be extremely dutiful whereas the remainder of the camp is left to itself: here the people appear more like hunters than cultists; from the woods four of them, on horses, return with an antelope’s carcass.
We discuss to decide what to do: it is too difficult to rescue the prisoners because there are too many people and we must know if the cultists want to assault other villages.
After some minutes Shill identifies a breach in the stone, more or less 30 ft wide, in which kobolds enter and exit with some carcasses; we see a dragonborn leaving the breach. The creature is entirely black, an ebony dragon skull shaped mask covers her face; Geralt recognizes the creature: “She’s Rezmir!” He hisses with a hateful voice.rezmir
“How do you know her?” I ask looking in his eyes.
“I’m hunting her. She killed all my crew and I’ll have my revenge.” He answers watching the dragonborn with his deep blue eyes.
No one say anything.

“The most intelligent thing to do is ambush a small group of hunters.” Enunciate Shill but the darkness arrives and the encampment is preparing itself for the night: the camping are arranged; the guards, the hunters and the kobolds starts to eat and talk in small groups.
Geralt blends into the darkness and lowers himself, levitating towards the camp under us, through the cultists and the poachers.
Simultaneously Zeed turns into a cat and he lowers too, while the elf sends her cat, informing us that for a few minutes she wouldn’t see or hear us.
Shortly afterwards Geralt returns: “Most of those men are mercenaries. They aren’t truly devotee to Tiamat.”
Zeed comes back too and, after Geralt, he says: “A large part of them are hunters: they hunt for the encampment but the best parts of their preys are destined to something they called the “nursery”.
“By my cat’s eyes I saw a male half-elf imprisoned against a huge stone. I wasn’t able to see his face, ‘cause the front of his body is tightly tied to the rocky surface. His back is totally covered in lashes but he’s alive.”
Elora talks all of a sudden, scaring me a lot.
leosinLei wants to save the man: she’s sure he’s Leosin.
After a heated debate we have to return to Greenest: there are no possibilities for us to infiltrate in the camp, or attack our enemies without dying.
I’m so upset: I’m so defeated by the event. How can I help my city?
I’m only a coward… Maybe I could have gone into the camp and distract those bastards, allowing my companions to release the poor prisoners.
What can I do? What can a little fortune-teller like me do?
Throughout the way to Greenest I extract one tarot-card, like my mother taught me: only one card to see the events evolution.
The devil.
I tremble and the tarot-card slips away from my hands: I observe the illustration, remembering its meaning.
“Unexpected changes, darkness, a moment of weakness, without any positive result. The Devil could announce obstacles, represent by our fears and our incapability to deal with the life’s events.”
After some seconds I pick up the card, putting it back in the card deck.
Maybe… Maybe it is an advice: I mustn’t surrender to my worries. I have to be brave.
I’ll be valiant!

In Greenest we give to governor Nighthillall the information we obtained: he listens to our words with attention, then he extracts a small key from his clothing. Tarbaw opens a drawer and throw us some coins: “Here, what we established.”
“I don’t want this gold. Use it for our beloved Greenest.” I say, giving the coins to Tarbaw and Elora does the same.
The day after agitated voices in the village wake us up.
A  man, limping, approach the main gate of the city: Lei runs toward him, trying to help the man, while his pupil heads for him: “Master! Master Leosin!” A lot of people rescue the man and take care of him.
In the next days we talk with Leosin and he shares the information he received during his fake imprisonment: “The camp is devoted to Tiamat cult; their typical greeting is the open hand and the words “For Tiamat cult”, the fingers represent the five Tiamat’s heads. Other devotees open only three fingers, this greeting represents the Goddess hidden force.” The man falls silent for some seconds, looking to the sky.

“A lot of them, in that camp, aren’t cultists, a large part is composed by brigands and kobolds… Do you know? The kobolds tend to venerate dragons and they often join their ranks, this fact is exemplified by the strong influence Rezmir has upon their community. Rezmir…” Leosin twist his expression to hate.
“…She’s the only one, except Mondath, who can enter in the cave.”
“Is the cave the place where the laying is located?” Asks Shill.
“Yes. It’s a kind of nursery and Rezmir wants to hatch an entire laying of dragons! The hunters feed it with their best quarries. Rezmir established the encampment but Mondath runs it, with the help of his right-hand man, Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, the blue half-dragon man. Have you ever seen him?”
Shill nods with clear resentment.
“Now the cult is moving chaotically to collect treasures: Greenest was the nearest city and the most important. They took prisoners for manual works… Some of them convert themselves to the cult but a large part died.”
I bow my eyes in shame and Leosin stares at us with a more severe expression, then he talkLeosin_01s with grave voice: “The dragons’ mother will come back and when she’ll do it all countries will shiver under her.”
His words look like a horrible prophecy: a shudder passes through my body and I’m pretty sure we’re all upset.
“I’m sure enough I have a certain importance for Rezmir, because she didn’t kill me.”
“Which type of importance?” Asks Shill, trying to investigate, but the half-elf doesn’t answer her, going away to his room.

Some days later Leosin asks to see us.
“Now I’ll resume my journey to Elturel. I must have a consultation with Ontharr Frume, a paladin who shares the same concerns I have about the Dragon cult. I have to ask you one thing: after everything you did for Greenest I don’t want to ask you anything, but I have to. I need you to return to the cultist encampment: discover if cultists are preparing a new raid, if any of them is going away or if something is pulled out from the cave. It’s necessary that I know everything.” He takes a big breath and watch towards the faraway camp.
“Don’t forget: don’t let yourself caught!”

To be continued…

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