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Another survival game Kickstarter we like – Belly of the Beast RPG!

“A tabletop RPG about callous survivors scavenging the abyssal guts of the world-eating Beast that consumed their home.” [Ok, I cannibalized this picture from the KS … so? It’s about survival and scavenging, ok?] A very interesting and original idea… (READ MORE)

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EoT_Chapter I: 09 Servant of the Goat

Damn. It didn’t work. Despite the uniform and the skillful performance of Undir – really strange the boy – the guard at the door was adamant on his demand for a pass to the Keep Tower. All this security, this zeal in complying with the order, however, is auspicious. The tower must be the place where they keep […]

Eye of Traldar

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Worlds of the Cypher System – post Kickstarter

Hi all! We decided to wait to speak about last Monte Cook Kickstarter: Worlds of the Cypher System after its end: it was already well funded and we wanted to see how it fared till the end. It fared very… (READ MORE)

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SoB_Chapter IV: 23. Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Stat Rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus – The ancient Rose remains by its name, we possess only naked names [1]
Castle Kelvin, Kelvin
The young Callarii arrived at the gate of the massive castle and paused a moment to consider: Castle Kelvin, at the center of the homonymous city, really was huge and unassailable, with his sixty feet tall and twenty feet thick wall, not to speak of […]

Shield of Benekander

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We observe better the encampment: two towers stand out against the dark sky, one is placed near the kobolds’ area, the other is diametrically opposed.
In a small portion farther from the other camp areas, there’s a tent, bigger than the others: around a handful of guards and big lizards, similar to that we already defeated but these are twice the size.
The guards seem to be […]

Tyranny of Dragons

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EPK Review 1: Revelry in Torth

Hi all! This is a new section of our blog, one that we wanted to start a long time ago, but we had and have many things going on at the same time (no spoilers … there will be many… (READ MORE)

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Chapter I: 08 An Unexpected Ally

The adventurous story of the little hin is somewhat incredible. That there is bad blood between the Five Shires of the halfling people, bordering on the east to the Grand Duchy of Karameikos, and the Black Eagle Barony, this is common knowledge to most people. But to think that the gentle, plump and friendly little men, very often (and erroneously?) associated […]

Eye of Traldar

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