From the Chronicles of Anankis Miri

…EPISODE I: GREENEST IN FLAMES (PART 2)     ¦     The Beginning of the Story


Finally the long siege night ends but the situation is still dramatic.

We rest until the evening comes, then the governor brings us to his billet in the Fortress; there are two other people besides us: an elf and a strange half-bird man. 5e0f1ba4d6b2de01f5f3eba4842ec6e4
“The circumstances are serious. You’ve got my complete attention and my eternal gratitude. You don’t know each other…” He indicates the two new people “… but all of you contributed to save my citizens.”
Tarbaw makes a deep breath and gazes at our group. “You, in Chauntea Church…” Now the governor looks at the elf, a girl, and the bird-man. “…Them in the mill.” A new breath, then the governor closes his eyes in a suffering expression.
“I have a proposal: I ask you to chase the marauders. We know they’re Tiamat devotees. I need people who are able to chase them, discover where their encampment is, how many men they have, who are their commanders, what resources they have. The reward will be 250 gold coins to each of you: you know the raiders stole a lot of treasures and, if you retrieve some of our assets, I’ll give you a bigger reward.”
“I’m not interested in money. I’m a Greenest citizen: use my part to help the village and its population.” I say with determination and, to my surprise, the elf agrees with me.
Tarbaw thanks us and says that everything we need he’ll try to provide us.

“My name is Elora Naelgrath: I came from north and I’m  a wizard. I’m looking for a friend: her name’s Talis, she’s an half-elf. Did you see her, here?” The elf talks with placid voice.
I watch her and her polite manners: she seems a very good elf, worried for her friend; I can understand her concern, it’s the same that crowd my heart, only the subject of the worry changes.
Zeed, the bird-man, says that he’s a aarakocra and a druid.
My companions introduce themselves: also the blue skin man, Geralt, he says he was a sailor.
Finally I know his name!
During the introduction Shill says she’s an half-elf: this fact surprise me a lot, ‘cause she seems an human, not an half-elf… This doesn’t change anything, it’s only odd.
Lei ask if they saw a man, Erlanthar, but no one knows him.
It seems that everyone has a mission: I feel a strange sensation in the stomach, a sort of bother that makes me uncomfortable… Why am I here with these people? They’re better than me in all respects.
Escobert appears to accompany us in the armory and the storehouse.
“Lei, excuse me, can I ask you something about your Goddess, Sune?” I approach Lei with a lot of embarrassment while she gazes at me with amazed eyes.
“Surely, my dear. What would you know about the Great Sune?” Answer her.
“Can… Can I pray Sune like you do?”
Her surprised face destabilizes me a lot: I can understand my question’s strange but I think Sune is the most suitable Goddess I could choose.
Lei stares at me, inspecting meticulously my face and my body, then she nods and starts talking continuously about Sune, declaiming a long prayer, at least I think it’s a prayer but I’m not sure, without stopping or taking breath.
After about half an hour we run down in the Fortress square and a man walks toward us: he has a flashy bandage on his left leg.
“Excuse me, I heard you are going to chase the plunderers, I’d like to join you but my conditions hinder me. My master, Leosin Erlanthar, vanished last night, throughout a bloody battle with some marauders. Me and few others were able to escape but not Leosin. We came back and all we found were his broken rod and his collar.” The man shows us the collar: it is a simple leather strip with a silver pendant, in which there is a small dragon. “Leosin was investigating in the plunderers and I fear he infiltrated in their organization or, worst, he was captured. I ask you, when you’ll be in our enemy’s encampment, to search for him and try to save him.”

Chasing those criminals isn’t hard: the path proceeds in the southeast direction.dd5-kobold
Little by little the landscape changes: after hours of stroll we see little hills a few miles away, replacing the limitless plains where grass freely grows over the top of our heads. Around night we see, hundred meters away,  a wisp of smoke. Approaching we find that the place and the land becomes more hilly. There are strange scattered boulders; near them there’s a camp: eight kobolds and four humans are resting, without any dress of the cult.
Humans and kobolds are separated into two groups by approximately thirty feet, their weapons distractedly leaning against the rock face.
In few moments we decide to attack the encampment.
Geralt, like a fleeing shadows, steals their weapons, mainly spears, then we divide ourselves into two smaller groups so we can attack in an easier way. tumblr_ntxv0nOWjr1t5ksxco8_1280
I see the most strange thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life: Zeed, diving at a crazy velocity, pounces on the group of cultist but, at the last moment he transforms himself in a bear, hitting a man, crushing him and, obviously, killing him.
I’m not sure what’s happening but, for me, Zeed is definitively mad.
BladesingerElora hits a kobold with an axe, killing him, and, from his wound, a green flame damages one other kobold; after this the elf hurls her weapon against the injured kobold, killing him.
I try to damage the cultists but, every time I attempt it, my spells fail. I’m pretty sure this is a sort of punishment from my patron but I cannot give up and surrender to him.
Finally we killed all enemies except for one captured cultist; Shill interrogates him brutally: “Where’s your camp?” Her tone is cold and I’m sure she growls when the man refuse to answer.
The cultist, stupidly, tries to resist but, after a little..like to say.. pain, he talks: “Some miles to the south… Maybe southeast. It is in horseshoe shaped cleft. There is around  a hundred humans and about eighty kobolds.”
His voice is broke by sorrow.
“Who are your chiefs?” Asks Shill, damaging the cultist’s knee.
Rezmir, a wyrmspeaker; Frulam Mondath, also known as “The one who wears the purple” and her dragonborn companion, Langdedrosa Cyanwrath.”
All of a sudden Geralt starts to punch the man so violently that Shill must move him away from the cultist.
“I’m sorry… Sometimes I cannot contain my rage.” Geralt seems to be very displeased, not for what he did to the man but for the poor figure he made.
The prisoner tell us the treasure is for their Dragon Queen, for her honor but he doesn’t know where it is and he say that they have some prisoners but not Leosin, the man we’re looking for.
With a start Lei kills the cultist with an enormous fire column: this action causes Shill’s rage so the paladin hits Lei with anger.
“I’m the justice here! I represent Tyr and the Law. Don’t try ever again to do such a thing!”
After Shill words, Lei seems to be a little frightened and hurted in her pride.
We start again the walk and the path brings us to a series of uplands and little hills that fill the landscape.
Finally we arrive at two high hills organized in an half circle with a great valley in between: Lei and Shill see something in the distance, probably a big building; after few moments I understand we are near the cultist encampment described earlier by the man.

We take a longer route to reach the enemy camp, trying to coordinate ourselves.
“I can go down, in the camp, to see where the prisoners are kept.” Geralt whispers in front of us, perfectly melds with the night shadows.
“It’s a good idea but you have to pay attention. There are a lot of sentinels: if you alarm them, you’ll endanger the mission and prisoner’s lives.” The elf murmurs with a harsh expression.
Geralt doesn’t answer, he just smile, then lowers himself down through the rocky face… After some minutes, that seem an eternity to me, Geralt comes back to the group: “There are eight sleepy prisoners, all of them are enchained to a big rock.”
“We must save them!” I say with certainty.
“Our mission was to obtain information: we must return to the Fortress and report everything to the governor.” Answers back Shill.
“Those prisoners are my countrymen: I can’t leave them here, in chains, risking their lives and limbs!” Shill manners bothers me a lot: she cannot understand my pain, she doesn’t know anything about me, about Greenest… She’s only lording it over us without considering our points of view.

Now we must decide what to do.

To be continued…

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  1. Loretta

    Great story, guys for a nice adventure. I’m playing it with my friends and I’ll wait with curiosity the next chapters chronicles. Ah, very interesting group.. it seems to me a ready to explode mix.

  2. Elentar - Barber

    Thank you Loretta 🙂 It IS ready to explode …
    All people driven by different scopes, the righteous half-elf Paladin lady of the Maimed God, always speaking the truth and ready to administer His Justice; the half-angelic aasimar, cleric of the Lady of Love, where Beauty is Good and ugliness is the mark of the Sin; the tiefling warlock between them, in awe and maybe fear of the paladin, because of her demonic Father and fascinated by the beautiful aasimar and her Goddess and, in the end, the elusive genasi, a being of unknown past and profession. The two new ones too: the aarakocra, member of an older race than even the elves, a race that lost too much, coming from the far away Mulhorand, fearless in his use of the Druidic arts and, last but not least, the martial Sun Elf Wizard from Evereska, in leather armor and handaxes, spoiling to fight in melee and magic, the servants of the oppressors! I hope you enjoy the next chapters too, written by out great author mishkamist (playing Anankis Miri) and, maybe, our other stories too (http://entirepartykilled.com/games-tales/) set in Mystara: The Shield of Benekander and Eyes of Traldar! Enjoy! 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    As author, and player, I must thank you Loretta for Your nice comment.
    Like Elentar said, the group is ready to explode but, in a certain way, it is trying to create its own equilibrium.
    We’ll be very glad if you tell us your own experience in “Hoard of the Dragon Queen”.
    Stay tuned, the next chapter will come soon!

  4. mishkamist

    I’m sorry but I had a little problem with WordPress and it didn’t log me in: these words up here are mine.

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