Chapter III: 21. Space Oddity

   … Previously                    ¦             The Beginning of the Story




It’s a few days since our departure from Penhaligon and since I told my friends what I saw in the vision of the mirror-shield. The last. From that moment on, and also because of the events in Baywater, my home town, there was no more opportunity or, perhaps more likely, desire to address those issues. Although it was clear, from the visions they also had, that this entire story of the specultum of Rheddrian, was at the limits of humanly understandability, nothing could prepare us for what I saw afterward. Sometimes I have the feeling that at any moment I’ll wake up to find that all that happened to me, in the last months, is just a dream. Sometimes, I’m ashamed, I strongly wish to wake up and discover that my family is still alive. To never having met Rheddrian, nor the centaurs, nor Tiberius, Adrik and the others. But then, however, a growing awareness of the ultimate goal of my life takes over. Every passing day I realize that this is all part of a grand design imagined for me by the Immortals. If today I were not who I am, a druidess of The Moor devoted to Zirchev[2], probably Baywater and the people of the village that I love would now be dead or otherwise still in danger because of the threat of the dryad Lorelei.

indexOnly a few hours to Kelvin, the city located at the bifurcation of Volaga and Shutturga Rivers: the loneliness forced upon us by the fast march on horseback, probably brings my thoughts only back to the images of pain and suffering that I have witnessed.
I think back to our arrival in Baywater, the village where I was born and raised, along the Duke’s Road, and the call for help that the good seneschal addressed to Patriarch Sherlane. I could hardly escape it. Nor ignore the fact that some goblins, in the days before, had attacked the village and that, in pursuit, some of the villagers had not returned home. When I learned that among them there was also my childhood friend Melina, head of the town militia today, I felt a thud in my heart. And a deep feeling of sadness. Following the traces, full of anxiety and fear for her fate, greatly exhausted me. But it also strengthened mfrogmen-570x827y determination to try and solve the mystery behind the disappearances, all by myself. That’s how we learned that the dryad Lorelei was involved, her destiny inextricably linked to that of the largest silver willow, with whom she shared her life and that was quickly wasting away due to the absence of water in the Silver Mist River, a tributary of Volaga. Our research has led us to understand that the real problem was not the dryad. It was some frogfolk, devoted to Orcus[3], Lord of Darkness and the Dead, that with their petty actions were affecting the ecosystem of that stretch of forest and were killing the guardian. It was not at all easy to excise the pestilential bubo, those creatures devoted to Entropy and destruction. But to do it … saving Lorelei and the spirit of her sister Corelei … freeing Melina … gave and give meaning to everything. To my life and to the why today I am the woman I am. Harder. More determined. More secure.

A few meters behind, on the back of the group of the six launched at a trot. “What are you grinning at, Dan?” Adrik was visibly uncomfortable on a horse. He felt as if he should fall at every jolt of his steed.  

“I like to see her smile. I think it suits her.” The young traladaran was, for once, completely sincere in expressing his feelings.

“Hey. Do not get any ideas about her, boy. Marjana is only a child!” Dan thought funny the  paternalism of the dwarf for the girl.

“Adrik. You did not tell me what you think of Marjana’s vision.” Tiberius, who was riding a speckled steed of docile temperament, had joined the two. After a break, as long an horse jolt, the Highforge dwarf gave voice to the thoughts and doubts that had plagued him all day. “A ship, as big as one of our cities, able to travel from one world to another through infinite space, like a ship able to cut through the seas? Hmm … definitely amazing. If I did not also … LIVED my vision … probably I would not believe it.”


“But who are … who were these people? Gods? Who is in truth Rheddrian?” Dan’s questions, apparently simple and trivial, were in fact the only questions that really made sense to find an answer to. But there wasn’t an answer. At least for the moment. Only hypotheses and other questions.

City of KelvinAnother day was ending. The high walls, of the fortified city of Kelvin, stood out now only a few miles away. Only another hour, maybe two, and the group would arrive in the city and join Baron Sherlane and his escort. Rheddrian, apart for a letter in which he warned them of danger hanging over their world and threatening to get rid of the magic from Mystara, had not given news for days. Weeks. More “mundane” problems were waiting for them in the city of two rivers. A war looming. A war that threatened to break in two the fragile balance on which was based the young Grand Duchy of Karameikos.

And they would have played a key role in it.

  To be continued..

Cast of Characters

1. The Fey Sisters’ Fate is one of the first adventure for D&D 5th edition written under OGL that can be purchased here. It is indicated for 1st-2nd level PCs and since it’s very generic, can be easily adapted to every ongoing campaigns.
2. Zirchev, aka The Hunter, is an Immortal of Mystara. He’s the protector of sylvan races and animals.
3. Orcus, aka the goat or the black prince, is one of the more destructive and violent  Immortal of sphere of Entropy. He’s adored in particular by evil humanoids, monsters and lycanthropes.




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