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Intro to “MultiQuest: adventures in the D&D multiverse”

We of EPK are happy to present to you the work of a new collaborator, worstDMever, writing about his DM experience in D&D and his approach to the idea of Multiverse. Enjoy!

You won’t want me as your DM- cause I suck at it. Which is a shame really as I would much rather run a game of D&D than play one.

I did try to run a game once, using 3.5 rules, but my ADHD brain couldn’t cope at all. Monster hit points, spells, skills, feats, DC checks, Base Attack Bonus, Attack of Opportunity. Too many rules to keep track of, not enough organised brain cells.

While being the DM, I forgot to mention important details. I forgot the positions of the monsters during an encounter. I even forgot which room the player characters were in on my dungeon map.

beholder VS F
A player character, that’s all I ever get to be when I’m doing D&D. Playing with a group in which the DM, at round about mid-level, loses interest in their own campaign. I’ve never once slain an ancient dragon, or looked a Beholder in the eye. I will never experience the rush of charging into battle with a Vorpal sword raised high. All this epic stuff happens at high-level play. But what’s most annoying is that in all my 30 years of playing D&D, none of my player characters have ever left their home world. What’s up with that? D&D is set in a multiverse, so why is it that all the DMs I have ever played with have never taken their players beyond the borders of the material plane? I want to dive into the flames in the Plane of Elemental Fire. To be buried up to my sword arm in the demon hordes of the Abyss, or fly like superman through astral silver space.

Oh woe is me, I’m not getting to play the whole D&D kit and caboodle, yet I’m too muddle-headed to DM my own 3.5 campaign. I’m trapped in my own conundrum. I need an inspirational idea to strike me down. Luckily for me, I was swoop attacked by inspiration the size of a Roc.

Why don’t I go back to basics- Basic D&D that is. Everything about it is simple, designed to introduce D&D to the uninitiated. Magic Missile, Web, Sleep: the spells do exactly what their name implies. There is no race, only class. An elf can’t be a cleric; a magic-user can’t be a dwarf.


Now all I need is some players. I won’t find any at the gaming club I attend. They’re all into the combat heavy 4th edition or that D&D knock off: Pathfinder. Convincing them to play a D&D relic from the 80’s? I’ve got about as much chance as convincing a Gen Y gamer to swap their Xbox 360 for a Sega Master System.

So I asked my children if they’d like to play in my campaign. Yes they’d love to. But what’s Dungeons & Dragons? They’ve never heard of it.

Oh joy, being total noobs, my kids will never ever know how much I suck as a DM. They have no other DM to compare me too. Best of all, my kids are too lazy to read the Player’s Handbook, so when we play a game session; they have zero knowledge concerning D&D canon. I could tell them anything: that Dwarves live out on the prairie, tending to their vast spinach plantations- because spinach gives Dwarves their uber-strength -and my kids will accept it as D&D lore.

Yep, sitting in that DM chair is going to feel so good. In my campaign, I want all my players to do everything I missed out on as a player- ah to hell with it. I’m gonna do the whole kit and caboodle . . .

And I have been doing just that, been doing it for years. I’m still doing it. That’s why I’ve created this blog, because my players and I have used our campaign as a vessel to ride the multiple pathways of the multiverse, and we have discovered, (to our surprise) between the stuff that has filled over a hundred D&D books, gargantuan gaps of nothing, the size of a universe, just waiting for us to fill up these gaps with a universe of our own.

I want to share with everyone my success as a DM and my many, many failures. Most importantly of all, I want to share my campaign’s contribution to filling in the holes of this chunk of a Swiss cheese multiverse that we all know and love as D&D.


See you soon, on this pages, for the first episode of MultiQuest: adventures in the D&D multiverse!




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