Chapter III: 14. Through the Looking-Glass, and What a Glantrian Found There

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“It all started with a blinding flash. Then darkness followed, as if I were really gone blind. How long did it last? Seconds? Hours? Years? Centuries? I cannot say. Gradually vision came back, and I had the impression that I woke up from a long sleep. All, the entire world, seemed dull to me as if through a semi-transparent surface. And only then I realized to be in the center of an immense crater. Then a claw, huge and covered with crimson slivers enveloped and grabbed me, plunging me back into darkness. RedDragonWhen I was able to see again, I found myself in a huge cavern, filled top to bottom with treasures and priceless riches. A mountain of coins, precious stones, jewels with the largest gems I had ever seen in my whole life. Then I saw it. A huge red dragon. Open jaws. Inquisitive eyes. But curiously he watched me back, as if I was a real wonder. And it was only when he approached me to the point that I could see my own image reflected into his big green and yellow eye that I understood his astonishment. It was not me, Brannart. In that moment, I was in the body of the mysterious man who saved me to Skullhorn Pass, the one you call Rheddrian. And I was trapped inside of a mirror exactly identical to specultum! And this is all dear friends. All I remember.”

Dragon Eye“Really odd.” I feel Adrik mutter, as if he had a clear idea of the situation but he could not gather the courage to express it.

“Do we have to do it all?” Marjana asks worried.

“Yes. That’s for sure. And we must do it as soon as possible. ” Then turning to the traladaran, Tiberius asks. “You next, Dan?”.

“Fine with me.” The young man nods and has already grabbed the mirror from my hands. Lightning reflexes like a mountain snake. I follow him as he heads into the corner of one of the rooms that the young lord Penhaligon has made available for the night.

“Then it’s settled. I, Marjana and Vaeris are going to the play and to honor the invitation of our host. Brannart, well, you would not understand much of the dialogue if it is recited, as usual, in traladaran dialect, so you will remain to protect Dan, while he is attuning with the mirror.” Then Tiberius, turning to the dwarf. “You Adrik? Are you with us tonight? “.

“Uhm…ehm…, no.” The dwarf, as it often happens, was lost deep in thought. “No, no. I think I will stay in the next room, it could be a long time before I have a quiet evening to practice with my new spells. “

As I look at the four going out of the room, I look back over the distant hills, east of the villa. I see the intermittent glow that I had only glimpsed while Tiberius spoke and this time I am certain. It is a rudimentary system of long-range communication that we used often, with lanterns, in the glantrian militia.

The idea that it will not be a quiet night is, for me, almost a certainty.

to be continued…

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