How to draw a Chaos Warrior

Today we want to see how we can draw from scratch a dark warrior-like character for D&D, like a fallen (a lot!) Paladin, a Chaotic Evil fighter with an Entropy-ridden helm, a demonic footman or, simply, a Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Warrior!

Used software/hardware: Photoshop CS3 + intuos wacom
Realization time: 3-4 hours

This is an all-digital experiment of creation of a complete drawing.

I started by directly sketching, upon a white layer, an outline with a brush in multiply mode.

00 warriorkaos

Done sketching, I used a thin enough black brush on another layer, for the ‘inking’ of the layer itself. I’ll say that this is the most technical phase.

Getting to the final effect, the one I wanted to obtain, I did complete only the top part, due to my proverbial laziness 🙂

01 warriorkaos

Now, I “threw” in the colors of the warrior various parts on another layer – they had to be colors for skin and bones – settled the general effect, I then went to shadows and lights.

02 warriorkaos

Shadows are inserted in a mode multiply layer, working both with gray levels and with multiple tone colors; you can also use broad brushes with very blurred edges.

04 warriorkaos

Here I use very soft colors, for lights, on another layer.

05 warriorkaos

And now I went to add a few scratches and other small effects on the armor. If you are interested, I can even write a post on how to do this signs.

06 warriorkaos

Let’s retrace back a little bit and compare all that we did in the previous steps! Click the pictures to enlarge them in another sheet.

First 6 steps

First 6 steps

The last two steps are, actually, to work with the picture layout. First is adding the background and a cloud effect layer, this is useful to make the figure less static (also to cover mistakes and the missing legs ;-)). And while I am at it, I give my warrior some flaming eyes!

07 warriorkaos

Second, I import all on Inkscape or Illustrator to insert title and signature (quite useless but nevertheless amusing too!).

08 warriorkaos

Ta Dah! Care to leave some comments?





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