The Mirror Shield of Benekander

A shield, only 9 of them exist ( it can be only be used by people blessed by Benekander)

The object is a small metallic disk, cold to the touch, about 5 cm in diameter, perfectly polished with practically mirror-like surfaces. The disc is made, in fact, of Adamantite, probably the hardest and strongest, almost indestructible, metal in the world.

The specultum, or mirror-shield, has a total of 10 charges and several powers that the wielder can, independently, activate:  the powers have different costs (in charges spent) and can all be active at the same time.

Shield of Benekander1 charge: the specultum grows in size (up to 40-80 cm of diameter, depending on the user’s size) and is considered like, for all means, a magical shield +2, that can be used even by characters not proficients in the use of shields, worn on the forearm. If the wearer is, instead, already proficient, the effectiveness of the specultum grows with his experience: at the 5th level the bonus is +2 (+4 AC) and it peaks at 15th level, with a +3 bonus (+5 AC). It is so light, balanced and easy to manage, that it can be used as a (light) weapon or as a second weapon (it requires the use of the bonus action, like for the normal two weapon fighting rules) that inflicts 1d6 damages (bludgeoning or slashing; character choice). The shield can be thrown (Throw with radii 20/40) and Return (this last can be even used as a bonus action). The use of 1 charge let the pc to use this power for 10 minutes. The mirror surface make it particularly effective against creature with gaze-attack powers (basilisk, medusa and so on)

1 charge: the user can cast the spell Shield of Faith.

2 charges: the disk (or shield) user can cast the spell of Shield (even as a reaction).

2 charges: the disk user (which changes its dimensions to the biggest shield) activates the power of levitation (see the spell Levitate). Using this spell requires concentration and the maximum span is 10 minutes. The only difference with the 2nd level spell is that the disk can not only levitate in vertical, but it can move in all three directions, sustaining up to 500 lbs. in weight.

5 charges: the specultum user casts the spell Commune to contact Benekander only with the same effects of the original spell.

The mirror disk recharges daily at dawn, it regains 1d6+2 spent charges. It cannot have more than 10 charges. If the last charge is used, a d20 must be rolled: on a “1” the shield is completely destroyed and cannot be used anymore.




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