B11 – King’s Festival conversion to 5e – second part

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Here’s the second part, and second dungeon level too, of the B11 conversion to D&D 5e.

B11 – King’s Festival – second part

Easy Medium Hard Deadly
250 500 750 1.000
16-B11 - Dungeon Map 220. Cavern of the worms

Two red worms (see: NEW MONSTERS) habitually predate in this cave (mostly rats and other big predators). They feel the presence of intruders thanks to their developed innate senses (tremorsense). They cannot be taken by surprise.

Encounter Difficulty: The encounter is Hard (600 XP).

21. Old burial chamber

The advancing monster is a carrion crawler (large monstrosity). Once eliminated, it is possible for the group to examine more carefully the room. If they intend to move one (or more) of the six heavy slabs closing the tombs they need to succeed in a Strength trial with difficulty class (DC) 20. If two or more people work together, the character with the greatest Strength will perform the test with Advantage. Once opened, the graves are empty. A test of Investigation (Intelligence) with difficulty class (DC) 10 helps you understand, from some scratches and signs, that the exhumation took place recently.

Encounter Difficulty: The encounter is Medium (450 XP).Ghoul

22. Ghoul cavern

The monster attacking the group is a ghoul (undead).

Encounter Difficulty: The encounter is Easy (200 XP).

23. First Skeleton chamber

In this small room there are five skeletons. Two of them try to circumvent the adventurers through the secret passage, to catch them from the back (as they have been ordered so by Petreides. If a fight breaks out in this room, within 1d2 + 1 rounds the skeletons of the room # 24 will arrive to give a hand too.

Encounter Difficulty: The encounter is Medium (500 XP).

24. Second Skeleton chamberSkeleton

In this small room there are five skeletons. If a fight breaks out in this room, within 1d2 + 1 rounds the skeletons of the room # 24 will arrive to give a hand too.

Encounter Difficulty: The encounter is Medium (500 XP).

25. Rubble pile

It requires a Dexterity (Acrobatic) test of difficulty class (DC) 10 to overcome this mountain of debris, about 1 meter high, that clutters the hallway. If the test is failed by 5 or more not only the character cannot overcome the obstacle but stumbles and suffers 1d3 damage (bludgeoning) as a result of the fall. If it is failed by less than 5 points there is a stalemate (the character does not advance and overcomes the obstacle but does not suffer damage neither). In both cases, the character on the rocks will have to defend itself with Disadvantage to attack rolls and skill checks, during the next round, against the three scorpions, coming out from the turned over stones.

Encounter Difficulty: The encounter is Easy (60 XP).

26. Beetle lairWraith

In this room there are six giant fire beetle.

Encounter Difficulty: The encounter is Easy (120 XP).

27. Lair of the Ghast

I changed the Thoul of the original module with a Ghast, more appropriate in my opinion.

Encounter Difficulty: The encounter is Medium (450 XP).

28. Beyond the secret door

It requires a successful Perception (Wisdom) test with difficulty class (DC) 20 to find the secret door that leads to the rooms of Petreides.

29. Zombie guards

Two zombies defend this room and the next. The second round of a fight, the door to the room #30 opens and Petreides appears. We slightly changed the name of the cleric, from Petrides, to Petreides, since it seemed more frightening and it had a better sound. Anyway, he remains to fight, casting his spells from his room, trying to induce who sees him to attack him without paying attention to the hidden pit. In the position indicated in the map, in fact, there is a hidden trap pit. It was camouflaged a bit more carefully than the one prepared upstairs by Orcs. To locate it, therefore, you will require a test of Perception (wisdom) in difficulty class (DC) 15. Anyone who falls inside will fall for 3 meters and suffer 1d6 damage (bludgeoning).Ghost

Encounter Difficulty: The encounter is Easy (150 XP). If Petreides is present it becomes Deadly (1.100 XP).

30. The chaotic cleric

Petreides, the cleric of Thanatos is in this room. The stats are those of a cult fanatic, comparable then, with a 4th level cleric.

Encounter Difficulty: The encounter is Medium (450 XP). If the two zombies are present too, it becomes Deadly (1.100 XP).


Average size humanoid (human), Chaotic Evil

Armor Class (AC): 14 (chain shirt, shield, Dex)

Hit Points: 31 (4d8 + 8)

Speed: 30 ft.

14(+2) 9(-1) 15(+2) 10(-) 17(+3) 14(+2)

Saving Throws (ST): Wis (+5), Cha (+4)

Senses: Perception (passive) 15

Languages: Common (Thyatian)

Challenge Rating: 2 (450 XP)

Devotion to Entropy: he has Advantage over all the ST against charm and fear

Magical abilities: he is a 4th level cleric. His spell class ability is Wisdom (Save DC 13). He has +5 to hit with attack spell.

He has memorized the spells shown below:

Cantrip (at will): light, sacred flame, thaumaturgy

1° level (4 slots): command, inflict wounds, shield of faith

2° level (3 slots): hold person, spiritual weapon


Multiple Attack: he attacks two times per round with his melee weapon (scythe): +4 to hit, reach 5 ft, two handed, heavy. One target.

Hit: 4 (2d4+2) slashing & piercing damage.

31. The treasure room

A bit of background: Petreides is a cleric of Thanatos, operating for a church in Thyatis. The cult is particularly active these days. The followers of Thanatos are particularly interested in finding the seven scrolls of Nithia, which can arranged together in an entropic artifact, in which their immortal patron has written his Master Plan, able to forever cancel the Spell of Preservation and thus destroy the Hollow World. Petreides is obviously unaware of this: he only knows that once the now vanished Nithian Empire, comprised also these lands. He has recently been instructed by his superiors to find this ancient tomb to search for the lost artifact. The tomb was found, but not the parchment! In return, Petreides has well thought of putting on his little kingdom of terror and plunder the place.



Large monstrosity, unaligned

Armor Class (AC): 13

Hit Points: 75 (10d10 + 20)

Speed: 30 ft., burrow 20 ft.

13(+1) 7(-2) 14(+2) 1(-5) 8(-1) 4(-3)

Saving Throws (ST): Con (+4), Wis (+1)

Senses: blindsight 30 ft., tremorsense 45 ft. Perception (passive) 9


Challenge Rating: 1 (200 XP)

Dig tunnels: The worm can dig through solid rock, in the middle of its movement, leaving behind a 2-foot wide tunnel.


Bite: Melee weapons attack: +3 to Hit, reach 5 ft. One target.

Hit: 10 (2d8+1) Piercing damage. The bite of the red worm is slightly poisonous: anyone bitten must save on Constitution (DC10) or suffer other 7 (2d6) damages.


The total value, expressed in Experience Points, of the antagonists monsters is 2.640 XP in this final part of the adventure. At the end of this section, the characters should have accumulated enough experience points to reach the 3rd level.

We hope you appreciated and we will soon put all the maps and a pdf of this conversion in our Download area. This is not the last of our conversions, stay tuned for the next and for many other exciting posts too!




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