B11 – King’s Festival conversion to 5e – first part

As promised, we deliver!

Here you will find a fully detailed conversion of the nice B11 – King’s Festival module, to D&D 5e: this doesn’t exempt you from the need to have this manual, we don’t want to spoiler too much nor to damage copyrighted works!

Here is the position of the dungeon10-Wufwolde Hills_B11, as per our redrawn outside map. The Hexographer file is here. We did some modifications to the original work to make it more homogenous, in our opinion, and we also redraw the maps, we hope you like them! At the end of the posts, we will publish a pdf and the maps in our Download section.

Today we will present you the first part of the adventure, the first dungeon level, enjoy!

B11 – King’s Festival

B11-1Note: the module is a classic introductory adventure and therefore modified and “calibrated” for a group of 1st level characters. In terms of Party’s XP Threshold I considered an average group of 5 players.

Party’s XP Thresholds of encounters are shown below:

Easy Medium Hard Deadly
125 250 375 500

Some encounters are very difficult, for a first level group, given the nature of the adversaries themselves (orcs). If it seems appropriate, if the group decides to visit the local temple of Halav, before to start looking for Aralic, they can (automatically) find a healing potion (potion of healing, 2d4 + 2) accidentally fallen from the fleeing Orcs.

14-B11 - Dungeon Map 1
1. Orc Guards

Only two orcs station in this cave, access to the underground complex. They took very superficially the task assigned them therefore the first is sleeping (he is automatically surprised and the first round is considered prone) while the second is drunk (adventurers have Advantage in surprising him and he has Disadvantage to hit and tests skill for the duration of the fight).

Encounter Difficulty: the Modified Value of Experience Points for monsters equals 300 XP which would make it a Medium-Hard encounter. Considering the various circumstances the encounter is Medium.

2. The Stores

A kobold hides in this area, used as a pantry. He tries a surprise attack on the first adventurer who appears before him but, if his attack fails or at his first wound, he throws down his weapon, gets on his knees and begs to be spared.

Encounter Difficulty: The encounter is definitely Easy (25 XP).

3. Entrance Passage

As per the corresponding B11 entry.

B11-24. Watery Cavern

The two giant weasels in this cave, are specially trained by the orcs to hunt down the big rats that infest the underground complex. They were on the trail of one of the rodents but lost it in the pool of underground water. If not taken by surprise they normally attack any intruder who is not an orc (or accompanied by one of them).

Encounter Difficulty: The encounter is definitely Easy (75 XP).  

5. Orc Guard Post

Two orcs station in this room. They have been assigned to the surveillance of the corridor that gives access to the room of their chief-shaman (area #15) and the room that houses their guest (area #7), so they are quite vigilant.

If there is a noisy fight in this room, the orc occupying the adjacent room (area #6), with his puppy, might hear it (the Perception test is automatically successful if the two orcs in the room have the time to scream for alert) and go to investigate its nature. He arrives in 1d2 + 1 rounds.

Encounter Difficulty: The encounter is Hard (300 XP). If the orc of area #6 comes to the rescue with his giant weasel then the battle becomes Deadly (650 XP).

6. The weasel trainer

An orc and a giant weasel occupy this room. The large iron cages are three and not two. For the rest, the room is unchanged.

The orc and his trained beast fight wildly and with no coordination. If there is a noisy fight in this room, the orcs occupying the adjacent room (area #5) might hear it and go to investigate its nature. They arrive in 1d2 + 1 rounds.

Encounter Difficulty: The encounter is of Medium difficulty (187,5 XP). If the two orcs of area #5 come to the rescue then the battle becomes Deadly (650 XP).

7. Bugbear visitor

An orc entertains the prestigious guest in this room waiting to be received by the head shaman. It is a bugbear, belonging to a tribe of the Wufwolde Hills with which, the chief shaman wants to form an alliance to better coordinate the raids against the town of Stallanford and the nearby villages. They both attack intruders, if disturbed, however if the orc is killed or incapacitated, the bugbear consider to surrender but only if he is allowed to escape from the underground complex. In this case the group earns XP as for killing him. In any case, only in the 50% of cases the bugbears will keep his word and will not be seen again. If not, he prepares an ambush against the group on the way back, along with two orcs intercepted while returning to the caves after a round patrol.
Encounter Difficulty: The encounter is of Deadly difficulty (450 XP). The potential ambush is Deadly too (800 XP).

8. Drunken orcs

In this area there are five orcs of the expedition to Stallanford and who kidnapped Aralic: they only just finished to guzzle. They had a binge of food, and above all, been drinking all night long. Only two of them are still awake, even if they are clouded by alcohol abuse. The others are asleep and snore deeply (they have Disadvantage in all tests of Perception). If a fight breaks out it is likely that they come into action in dribs and drabs, not all at once. Also, with alcohol clouding their minds and reflexes, they have Disadvantage on all attack rolls and skill checks for the duration of the battle.
Encounter Difficulty: Under normal conditions, a fight with five orcs would be prohibitive and suicidal to say the least. In this case the conditions make it an encounter meeting, if not Easy (surely between Hard and Deadly), doable at least.

9. Barracks

Here three orcs are spending time playing dice and shining their weapons and armor. If forced to fight, two orcs try to keep the group busy while the third one surprise them from behind using the second exit in the room.

Among the treasures of the room there is also one potion of healing able to cure 2d4 + 2 hit points.
Encounter Difficulty: The encounter is Deadly (450 XP).

B11-310. Orc Lieutenant and pet

In this room is the orc to which the chief-shaman gave the military command of the orcs stationed in the barracks (areas #1 to #9). Besides being the most faithful to the chief shaman, he is also the most physically gifted (19 hp). He developed a strong sadistic propensity and often likes to make fight his puppy, a giant lizard, against the designated victims (in this case the halfling Harribal Flatfeet).
Encounter Difficulty: The encounter is of Medium difficulty (225 XP).

11. Secret Door

Finding this secret entrance requires a successful Perception test (Wisdom) with difficulty class (DC) 15.

12. Surprise?

The character who is leading the group and the orc that abruptly turns in the corridor, roll a compared Perception test (Wisdom). The one who gets the highest score has the surprise. In case of a tie, neither is surprised and act normally in order of the initiative.

Encounter Difficulty: The encounter is of Easy difficulty (100 XP).

13. Lieutenant’s Room

As per the corresponding B11 entry.

14. Covered Pit

A trap based on a hidden pit, was recently built on the right side of the corridor. It was not camouflaged and hidden particularly well, therefore it requires only a test of Perception (Wisdom) with only a difficulty class (DC) 10, to locate it. Anyone who falls into the 3 meters deep pit, suffers 1d6 Bludgeoning damage.

15. Orc chief’s throne room (The room of the Chief Shaman)

The Chief Shaman is in this room (Orc Eye of Kaarash).

Encounter Difficulty: The encounter is Deadly (450 XP).

16. Female Orcs and young

This room accommodate six females and three young orcs (unfit for combat although when threatened they will defend to the end). In terms of fighting have respectively 9 hp (females) and 4 hp (young). Possibly fight unarmed (only females) having a +3 to hit for 2 damage (bludgeoning). To kill these almost helpless orcs should be considered in all respects an evil act.

Encounter Difficulty: This encounter has no difficulty and therefore do not give XP.

17. Chief’s bedchamber (Chief Shaman bedchamber)

The extent and value of the non magical treasures is unchanged. There is no spellbook because there is no orc sorcerer to support the chief shaman.

18. Aralic’s cell

Alaric is a very tried man both in body (he was repeatedly beaten by orcs) and spirit (because of his phobia for small places and closed). He is of average height and build, with curly hair, brown green-hazel eyes and a friendly and gentle attitude. In spite of being (only) 44 years old, he has long abandoned the life of the adventurer to attend to the spiritual life of village of Stallanford where he performs religious services as a priest of the local temple of the Immortal Halav, to which he is devoted. He is a 5th-level cleric. When released from the cell he is able to cast, over the lesser spells (cantrips), only two slots for 1st Level spells and one for 2nd Level.

19. Secret Door

It requires a successful Perception test (Wisdom) with difficulty class (DC) 20 to find the secret entrance to the lower level of the dungeon, well hidden behind the bench of the chief orc shaman. Aralic detects the presence of the door, since he who knows of its existence. This, however, after all return to Stallanford for a well earned rest, will urge the group to explore the concealed area because it perceives a source of evil in it.


The total value, expressed in Experience Points, of the antagonists monsters is 2.400 XP in this first part of the adventure: more than enough so that the characters reach the second level at the end (the liberation of Aralic and returning Stallanford) but also very difficult to complete in a single raid inside the underground complex. It’s likely that the group is forced out, several times, from the complex to rest (Short or Long) and then return inside. Each time the group leaves, it may lose the element of surprise on its occupants. The chances that the orcs notice that someone followed them from Stallanford and is now on their trail grow over time in terms of 10% (cumulative) for every passing hour after the group’s first exit from the dungeon (equivalent to 40% in case of a short rest and 80% in the case of a long rest).

If the orcs are aware of the incursions, they pass to a higher level of alert (normal rolls for surprise) and are no longer considered drunk (with the resulting handicaps). The passing of time also involves the following changes: the guest bugbear (area #7) remains only for a few hours after the characters enter the caves for the first time and then he could not be met later. In addition there are always six orcs who patrol and keep an eye on the hills and forests near the cave complex. They move in groups of two. Each hour the group passes out of the dungeon there is a 15% chance that one of these patrols discover them. Furthermore, if the alarm goes off, these orcs may be, in part or all, reassigned to cover areas of the dungeon “liberated” by adventurers.

Stay tuned for the second part of the dungeon!




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